Take That, Winter: A Cute And Easy Guide To The Perfect Self-Tan

'Tis the season where we're feeling a little...gray. The sky is gray, our sweaters are gray, and the fair-skinned among us swear that we've actually turned slightly pallid ourselves. Sadly, spring's sunny rays are months away (don't remind us), so we're going for an alternate course of action: self-tanner.
It seems that Emily Schuman of superblog Cupcakes and Cashmere has been thinking the same thing, as she recently posted her own guide to creating the perfect, streak-free self-tan. From cleansing to exfoliation to the perfect application, Emily has the whole process down to a science (and dang, doesn't she look cute in her little headband? Note to self: all random beauty tasks are more fun when well-accessorized!). Study up on Emily's tips — she swears by pre-soaked self-tanning towelettes, especially for her face — and you'll be totally prepared next time you decide to DIY your glow.
Head over to C&C to read all about how she does it, and let us know: what are YOUR best tips for creating the best self-tan at home?(Cupcakes and Cashmere)
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