4 R29 Reservettes Take On 4 Natural Beauty Products Under $30

We’re all game to get on the natural beauty bandwagon, but those luxe earth- and body-conscious products tend to come with a less than wallet-friendly price tag — can we get an amen? So, when we came across Home Spa Collection’s chemical-free and surprisingly affordable beauty products, we have to admit, we were a little skeptical. Were these products really going to work? We had to find out for ourselves. So, we chose four contenders (a scrub, a mask, a self-tanner, and a moisturizer) and took them for a test drive. The results? You'll have to read on and see, but let's just say the Reserve team has some very happy new complexions... and wallets.
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Amanda Keiser, Reserve Editor/Copywriter

O2CH Organic Pink Pearl Face Scrub, $24.99 –– “I was a little hesitant to try this scrub since my skin is so sensitive — fair ladies, you know what I’m talkin’ about — but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The scrubbers are so fine that they didn’t irritate my face a bit. When I rinsed away, my skin was noticeably softer and had a clean sheen, like I just got a good polish! This scrub is definitely a new staple in my beauty routine.”

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Charlene Chang, Reserve Partnership Manage

Suncare Defense Light Instant Tanning Spray, $19.99 –– “I love this bronzer. Not only was it super-easy to apply, but the color showed up within ten minutes and didn’t have that typical self-tanner smell. I ended up with a light tan glow (much-needed in this drab weather!) which, as it turns out, looks fantastic in photos! The price-point makes this guy a no-brainer for winter.”

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Nizzi Karai-Renaud, VP of Marketing and Merchandising

O2CH Organic Pink Pearl Face Mask, $29.99 –– “The texture of this mask was surprisingly airy, and it went on easily with a smell that was softly floral, perhaps thanks to the ingredients that read more like a healthy shopping list than a chemical-laden potion. And presto, 10 minutes later my skin was soft, glowing, and feeling (dare I say it?) red carpet-worthy.” 

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Robin Reetz, Reserve Communications Manager

Olive Essence Organic Gold Facial Day Moisturizer, $29.99 –– “This moisturizer was very smooth going on, and it smelled deliciously like olive oil! It felt super light on my skin, looked great under makeup, and kept my face feeling moisturized the whole day, which is no small feat in this under 20-degree weather.”

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