4 Go-To Summer Looks From An Indie-flick Powerhouse

Carly Norris, once an up-and-coming development exec, has hit the independent film scene as a savvy executive producer, proving that fashion know-how and box-office acumen can come in one seriously stylish package. This powerhouse producer has got two horror flicks in the works this summer, and is as inspried by our fair city as she is by classic thrillers like Rosemary's Baby and The Shining. And since her days are so action-packed—from meetings with writers to develop the perfect screenplay or prepping for a red-carpet premiere—we asked this rising industry star to let us snap her A-list sartorial repertoire and snag some stylish notes for our own summer outfits, too.
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What do you wear for a long day of meetings?
There really is no such thing as an average workday for me—everyday brings something different, which I absolutely love and fear at the same time! If I have a studio meeting or a notes meeting with a writer, or even if I'm taking generals with actors or directors, I like to dress professionally, but I try to stay away from looking generic or boring. I also like to dress in something that can go from day to night as drinks or dinner meetings are always on the schedule. For these reasons, I'm obsessed with my LuvAJ bodychain. It turns a somewhat plain look into something very special, and it's always a great conversation starter.

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What’s your favorite go-to ensemble for a fancy evening out?
I've had this vintage red dress for years now, so whenever I have a premiere or party, I break this baby out. It's very form-fitted, but the length saves me from looking like inappropriate. I know when I hit up the Sitges Film Fest in October, this trusty number will definitely be in my suitcase.

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What’s your dressing strategy for a long day on set?
We're shooting a horror movie in Downtown L.A. in a few weeks, and the location is filthy, so closed-toed shoes are a must!! If I was smart, I'd wear tennis shoes, but it's very hard for me to part with my heels—I really value those few extra inches! The days will be long and grueling, so I also like to make sure nothing I'm wearing is constricting, and I don't want to worry about ruining anything, so this Forever 21 skirt is perfect! I predict I will be stocking up on a lot of Forever 21 pieces over the coming months.

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And your favorite look for a day off?
Since it's summer, there's been more daytime BBQs—it's a good opportunity to network and get to know my work peeps on another level. I'm kind of obsessed with this lace black jacket because it's professional, but also feels very Stevie Nicks, and there's a lace heart cut-out on the back that's so sweet.