See What's In Store At Madewell's Newest L.A. Outpost

Whether you're running an Apple store errand or catching a flick at the movie theatre, visiting The Grove can be quite daunting. Between the hoards of tourists and faux Euro-looking sidewalks, our blood pressure starts to rise as soon as we enter the massive parking garage.
Call us hypocritical all you want, but at the same time, we just can't seem to quit the convenient shopping destination! And, with Madewell finally moving in, it looks like we'll be spending more time (and serious money) at the outdoor mall. The shop joins J.Crew (and J.Crew Men's, which also opened recently) just in time for the holiday rush. We're thinking the timing was non coincidental, but we're not complaining. More quirky sweaters, dreamy denim, and sparkly flats for us! Being the eager beavers we are, we hit the store before shoppers could descend, and snapped some pics along the way. Go ahead, take a peek and browse before the crowds form.
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Little known fact: Madewell's SoCal visual team typically pulls inspiration from local L.A. muses. We wonder which Angeleno gave 'em the idea to outline a pine tree on this display table!
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Welcome to the Denim Bar, pick your poison!
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We wish our closet included this many piles of plaid.
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Another shot of the Denim Bar — there's seriously something for everyone.
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Tired from trotting around The Grove? Kick up your heels (and maybe even purchase a new pair!), in the stellar shoe section.
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Even though they're not ruby red, we think Dorothy would approve of those sparkly stunners.
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The succulents (and Cali-cool wares) are so SoCal.