3 Foxy Faces To Paint On For Every Upcoming Holiday Soirée!

Yeah, we're just as shocked as you to see in-store Santa displays and gift guides going out in droves. Where did the year go? November's going to whiz by in a blur just like the rest of those months, so, we're getting ahead of our style game — especially since the holidays are the time to impress all of those people you may only see annually.
With that in mind, we've enlisted the crazy-talented (and fun!) M.A.C senior makeup artist, John Stapleton, to show us how to shine like a red-carpet star with three dazzling and distinctive looks. Whether you want to sip vino rocking a killer Cabernet lip like Dita (watch the teeth!), unwrap the secrets to that gilt glow you see in the klieg lights, or just surprise 'em in a retro cat-eye and poppy lip, you'll blow your fellow partygoers away with your mad makeup skills!
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Look 1: The Bold Lip

Says Stapleton, "The fact is, the lights are always dimmer during the holidays. Whether it’s a candlelit dinner or a night by the fire, I have high hopes for your romantic life and you have to play up the light on your face during these moments. Experiment with new textures this season while also embracing some of the recent trends. Here are three looks you can take from the office to an after-party and beyond.”
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Products Used: MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb, $29, available at MAC; MAC Fabulousness Compact in Warm Eye, $39.50, available at MAC; MAC Opulash Mascara, $16, available at MAC; MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy, $15, available at MAC; MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy, $16, available at MAC; MAC Cremestick Liner in Portside, $15, available at MAC; MAC Lipstick in Russian Red, $15, available at MAC; MAC Glamour Daze Lipglass in Flight of Fancy, $16.50, available at MAC.
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Step 1: "After starting with a fresh face, we added Extra Dimension shimmer to the apples of the cheek in a beautiful golden hue, called Superb, that will work on all skin tones."
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Step 2: "Using a firm brush, we also added a touch of shimmer from one of our gorgeous holiday compacts. Stay in the golden family so the eyelids look highlighted and open."
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Seriously, that's a whole lot of shimmer!
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Step 3: "Tons of mascara on the upper and lower lashes create an innocent doe-like look. For ample amounts of mascara, we used our Opulash formula with its plush brush."
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Step 4: "Add a little light and a touch of drama to the eye by lining the inside with Teddy Eye Kohl. It’s the perfect honey-hued brown that looks great on everyone, and is a soft alternative to black."
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Step 5: "Groom those brows! Try a colored Brow Set like Girl Boy — It’s a copper finish that will give you the look of a slightly lighter brow while keeping them groomed in place."
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Step 6: "Now we're onto the key element of this look! I pride myself on working with one of the mouthiest broads in the business, Kelly Osbourne of Fashion Police. We have always done statement lips on Kelly, and this combo is no exception. Show 'em you've got something to say with a maddening oxblood."
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Step 7: "We lined the lips with cremestick liner in Portside to get some definition. Then we added Russian Red lipstick to the center of the mouth and blended it out. A touch of Flight of Fancy gloss from the Glamour Daze collection was placed in the middle of her pout to darken."
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Final Look: "Kind of vampy, but perfect for the season!"
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Look 2: The Cat-Eye

The former School of Visual Arts student notes, “This season is all about a Mad Men throw-back. Cat-eye liner, bold lips, hot todies, and cashmere sweaters. I live in Southern California, so it’s just wishful thinking for me! The reality is actually cat-eye liner, bold lips, flip-flops, and Juicy Couture tracksuits — but hey, we all have our fantasies!”
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Products Used: MAC Glamour Daze Powder Blush in Small Vanity, $22, available at MAC; MAC 210 Brush, $19, available at MAC; MAC Fluidline Eye Liner in Blacktrack, $15, available at MAC; MAC 224 Brush, $31, available at MAC; MAC Opulash Mascara, $16, available MAC; MAC Fabulousness Primped Out Lip Look Bag in Luxurious Pink, $39.50, available at Nordstrom; MAC 34 Lash $16, available at MAC.
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Step 1: "After applying a little Careblend Powder to the skin, add some blush in Small Vanity to the apples of the cheek with a fluffy brush. Smile like you mean it, and place it on the cheek for a fresh-faced look."
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Step 2: "With a fine brush, like our 210, start lining the eyes with Blacktrack eye liner. I always find it easier to start on the middle of the eye and work outward toward the temples. I then connect the tail and bring it back toward the eye and fill in."
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"The last season of runway gave us many Amy Winehouse moments, so this is a go-big-or-go-home look. Not for the faint of eye!"
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Step 3: "With a soft brush, like our 224, blend Handwritten shadow into the corner of the eye to define your crease."
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Step 4: "Tons more Opulash mascara — let's just go Tammy Faye on this."
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Step 5: "And what cat-eye is complete without a false lash? The #34 set from MAC is flared and wonderful. Cut the end so you have a demi lash — this makes it much easier to apply on your own. Pop them on with a little bit of Duo Adhesive and you're set."
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Not a hair lash out of place!
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Step 6: "Let's not forget to add some volume to the lips with Lickable lipstick!"
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Final Look: "Let's dub this our going out look!"
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Look 3: The Smokey Eye

The former model mentioned that he loves nothing more than, "the idea of perfectly made-up snow bunnies hanging out in a ski lodge while nursing an adventurer and his broken leg back to health!"
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Products Used: MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Raven, $16.50, available at MAC; MAC Glamour Daze Eyeshadow in Tall, Dark and Handsome $19.50, available at MAC; MAC Glamour Daze Eyeshadow in Round Midnight, $19.50, available at MAC; MAC Glamour Daze Lipglass in Talk Softly To Me, $16.50, available at MAC; MAC Zoom Lash Mascara, $16, available at MAC.
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Step 1: "After cleaning up the skin with Mineralize loose powder, use the Raven eye pencil on the inside of the eye. This will make an instant impact!"
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Step 2: "Next, use the Raven pencil all over the eyelid, up to where your eye creases."
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Step 3: "Use a 224 brush to blend the pencil to a soft shape."

Quick Tip: "Eye liner helps shadow stick, so you can actually do this in your parked car before you hit the office party!"
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Step 4: "With a firm brush, add eye shadow in Tall, Dark and Handsome to the center of the eyelid. Blend it to the edge with a soft brush. Then, with a firm brush, pack a bit darker shadow like Round Midnight into the root of the lashes."
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Step 5: "With that same brush, add a little Tall, Dark and Handsome shadow under the eye."
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Step 6: "Add a soft lip to the look with some lipgloss in Talk Softly To Me."
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Step 7: "Finish off with Zoom Lash mascara."
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Final Look: "What party would be complete without the ever-popular smokey eye? Distract the guests from a burning turkey with eyes that set four alarms!"