13 Skin-Pampering Face Masks We Love

Admit it: You want perfect skin. We all do. And yet, despite all the products we pack into our regimens, sometimes we still need a little additional help. And, since most of us can't visit our aestheticians every time our skin freaks out, that's where face masks usually come in.
So, what exactly are the benefits of using these go-to fixer-uppers (besides scaring your boyfriends and roommates, that is)? "They hydrate, remove excess oil, treat problematic skin, exfoliate dead skin cells, brighten, and help reveal fresher, smoother skin." says lead aesthetician and owner of Arcona, Chanel Jenae. "They also refine the texture of skin and help improve the appearance of enlarged pores."
Yes please, we'll take two. But, with all the masks on the market today, it can be hard to figure out which option is best for your skin. Well, there are rules. Jenae explains that oily skin should look for formulas that contain salicylic acid, bromelain, papain, pentonite, and kaolin, while drier skin should stick to hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, borage, olive, avocado, coconut oils, and gentle clays with moisturizing bases. Sensitive skin can also benefit from masks but should look for ingredients like oatmeal, aloe vera, chamomile, licorice, coconut milk, and cornflower. And if you have problematic, acne-prone skin, masks with sulfur, kaolin, tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and fruit enzymes will help to unclog your pores and leave your skin smooth and clear.
And just how often should you use a mask, you ask? "Once a week is ideal," says Jenae, "when you can relax with it on." She adds that even applying a mask for just a couple of minutes, a few times a week, can greatly improve the quality and clarity of your skin.
Ahead, we've rounded up 10 of our favorite masks on the market. So, pull back your hair, slather one all over your face, and by the time that episode of Stranger Things is over, you'll look and feel like a new woman.
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This mask (which is a favorite among supermodels, if that sort of thing sways you) packs a punch. It deep-cleans, tightens, and hydrates to get you somewhere closer to bouncy, bright baby skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask, $70, available at Charlotte Tilbury.
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This bedtime mask gives new meaning to beauty sleep. Pat on an even layer, hit the pillow, and wake up to smooth skin that looks like it's been on a spa retreat.

Lancôme Énergie de Vie The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask, $65, available at Sephora.
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You're not going to catch a buzz from this mask but you will get noticeably smoother and more hydrated skin, which is just as nice. Okay, almost.

Arcona Wine Hydrating Mask, $38, available at Arcona.
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Spread on this mask like you normally would, and then watch as it dries to a wild rubbery texture. Sure, it's fun to play with, but the formula also allows the vitamin C-infused mask to hug every little curve of your face. When you're done, peel off the mask in one sheet to reveal skin that glows.

Bliss 3-Pack Mask A-Peel Radiance Revealing Rubberizing Mask, $30, available at Bliss.
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Another use for our favorite breakfast food, this soothing mask works best on dry, dehydrated skin. So, basically everyone, during the winter.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask, $22, available at Sephora.
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Don't be fooled by its dark exterior — this brightening mask packs quite the radiant punch. Made with all-natural ingredients — like black marine silt and pure fig extract — and great for all skin types, it will gently exfoliate to reveal healthier skin that (almost) literally glows.

Osea Black Algae Mask, $48, available at Osea.
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Okay, obviously this isn't made with real dragon's blood but, it is made with its namesake red resin that helps reduce redness on skin. A favorite of Angelina Jolie's, this mask helps to smooth fine lines and lock moisture into the skin.

Rodial Dragon Blood Hyaluronic Mask, $45, available at Nordstrom.
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This award-winning mask may not look like much, but inside this plain jar is a formula packed with azelaic acid, which helps to turn over skin cells at a super-charged rate, for brighter, clearer-looking skin.

Dr. Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask, $115, available at Net-A-Porter.
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We love a good peel-off mask — there's something weirdly gratifying about physically pulling off all that dirt, grime, and gunk. And, this option has the added bonus of honey extract and alpha-hydroxy acids to smooth and hydrate your skin. too.

Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask, $32, available at Hey Honey.
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One of our favorite clarifying masks for sensitive skin, this gentle cream will excavate your pores without drying or harming your skin.

Nuxe Masque Purifant Doux Clarifying Cream-Mask, $31, available at Beauty.com.
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This mask uses clary sage to hydrate the skin and diffuse fine lines.

Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask, $17.99, available at Soap.com.
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We swear by this intense hydrating mask during long flights. You don't even have to rinse it off — let it set and it will leave your skin looking hydrated and moist even in the driest climates.

Eve Lom Moisture Mask, $90, available at Nordstrom.
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It may look a little Hannibal Lecter-esque, but this illuminating mask from Amore Pacific is anything but scary. Formulated with the brand's Meladefying complex, one mask purportedly does as much work for your skin as an entire bottle of serum.

Amore Pacific Luminous Effect Brightening Masque, $120, available at Neiman Marcus.
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