Inside Net-A-Porter's Slick London Offices

It's hard to imagine a world before Net-A-Porter. Where did we go to bask in the glow of a hundred (shoppable!) shoes from this season? Where did we go to discover that one jacket that would change the trajectory of our personal style forever? Where did we go to lose ourselves for hours at a time, when we should have been at work?
In 2000, inspired by a Barclay's bank pamphlet asking "Are you an entrepreneur?", Natalie Massenet started e-commerce king Net-A-Porter. And now, 12 years later, it's the premier luxury online retailer, championing the best in shopping, celebrating indie designers, and redefining what e-commerce means, with a video channel, a digital magazine, and two ultra-successful sibling sites (The Outnet and Mr Porter).
And as anyone who's ever experienced the joy that is unwrapping that glossy black box and peeling away those layers of tissue paper knows, Net-A-Porter values aesthetics…and if its packaging can look like that, just imagine what the offices are like. Well, we can show you. Join us as we peek into Net-A-Porter's HQ in London — suddenly, a cage-backed lacquered desk chair is surpassing those Kirkwoods you've had bookmarked in your wish-list, isn't it?
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Holli Rogers, fashion director at Net-A-Porter

Which up-and-coming designers are you most excited about right now?
Holli Rogers: "We are delighted to be re-launching Esteban Cortazar’s eponymous label exclusively on Net-A-Porter this season. The 17-look collection is absolutely stunning and selling out fast!"
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What are the products that you can't replenish fast enough, on the site? 
HR: "This season, it is definitely all about the leather pant – it's a key trend for fall and we have a style to suit all, with everything from color-pop to tasseled to slouchy options.  The hi-top is another fall must-have and an absolute favorite with our customer  - they can’t get enough of this sport and fashion hybrid. We have recently introduced some super-cool styles from Nike which are selling out fast!"
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A corridor of glass.
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Mo White, creative director of The Outnet, checking out a rack of goods.

What's it like to work at the Net-A-Porter Group? Are there any office traditions worth noting? 
Mo White: "It's pretty fabulous. I love the environment. I love the light, airy office, the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the TV monitors that have a Google map illustrating where in the world we are receiving orders from, in real time. Sometimes the office feels like a Bond film with a lot of well-dressed Bond girls. From a fashion perspective, the pinnacle of the year is the first week after our annual sample sale when everyone is wearing all their new purchases."
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A closer look.
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What's your go-to restaurant for food delivery? 
MW: "Feng Sushi is the best delivered sushi in Notting Hill. Tapas Revolution in the same shopping center as our office is great for quick small plates. And Sacred is everyone’s go-to for coffee."
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Pretty packaging from The Outnet.

What's the best deal you've ever seen on The Outnet?
MW: "I once bought a Halston dress from the first Marco Zanini collection that was reduced from around $2,000 to about $300. Customers always come first, so we have to wait one week before we can shop new releases. I was astonished to find it – it is an iconic piece of fashion history. That’s the beauty of shopping at The Outnet – you always find something."
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His name in lights.
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Jeremy Langmead, editor-in-chief, Mr Porter

Mr Porter and Net-A-Porter are two such different sites! What are the most important differences between men and women, as online consumers?
Jeremy Langmead: "In many ways, men are different: they ask more questions, are less spontaneous, like a softer sell, enjoy the editorial more, and are very vocal. But, once they trust you, they are very loyal and frequent buyers."
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What's it like to work at Mr Porter? Are there any office traditions worth noting? 
JL: "Meetings are numerous. I have never witnessed more or been in more. They're necessary, however, when you're a 24/7, multi-platform, global business. At Mr Porter our Show ‘n’ Tell session on Friday afternoons gives everyone a chance to see the following week’s new products up close over a cocktail — it's a nice chance to deconstruct the week and wind down for the weekend."
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What's the go-to restaurant when you guys order in? 
JL: "We'll eat everything and anything for lunch (we're blokes, after all)– but take out from The Delaunay, sushi, Byron Burgers and Pain le Quotidien salads seem to be a recurring theme. We are also fans of Pret-A-Manger as we like three-word brands divided by two hyphens."
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A row of meeting spaces displaying a very clean aesthetic.
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Njide Ugboma, online editor at The Outnet
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Pretty baubles.
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Toby Bateman, buying director at Mr Porter
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How's this for a refueling station?
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Ben Matthews buying manager, RTW, Net-A-Porter

What's the coolest thing about working at Net-A-Porter?
Ben Matthews: "Working at Net-A-Porter is super-fun because we get to talk about fashion all day, every day. It's a really creative environment, the result of which can be very immediate – the conversations we have about clothes and who's wearing what so often impact what we do on the site.
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Racks on racks on racks.

Do you all ever run into the problem of showing up to work in the same thing as someone else? 
BM: "I'm lucky as there are many more women than men working at Net-A-Porter, so I don’t often have that problem and if I'm wearing the same thing as someone from Mr Porter, I rarely know about it as their office is in a separate space. I just have to make sure I avoid them in the lift up to the office!"
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Where do you love to eat, around the office? 
BM: "One of the great parts of my job is spending time out of the office meeting with designers and brands. If I'm in East London, I love the Rochelle Canteen for lunch, If I'm in Soho, it's Dean Street Townhouse, and when in New York, it has to be The Coffee Shop in Union Square - my new favourite. On each trip, I do I try to find somewhere new."
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A seating area under a very fancy ceiling.
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Sasha Sarokin, buying manager for shoes, bags, accessories & jewelry, Net-A-Porter

What do you love most about working at Net-A-Porter? 
Sasha Sarokin: "The energy at NET-A-PORTER is truly inspiring — we’re tasked with 'buying what we love' each season. On the back of NY Fashion Week, we often bring back American chocolate for the team which comes in handy while reviewing stacks of orders…"
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A preview of an upcoming editorial.

Do you all ever run into the problem of showing up to work dressed in the same pieces as one of your co-workers? 
SS: "We all have our own style, but there are definitely some items that have broad appeal —we all wear them our own ways, though."
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Where do you love to eat and drink in the area? 
SS: "Notting Hill is just a five-minute cab ride away, so I regularly find myself having a cocktail at The Electric (Notting Hill’s Soho House) or upstairs at The Oak.  The Italian food options in London are amazing as well — one of the perks of being quite close to Italy."
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The infamous packaging.
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A row of heels.

What's next for the Net-A-Porter? What's left to conquer?
HR: "We are always on the lookout for the next big thing to excite and inspire, and also working towards our latest launch; whether in technology, fashion or e-commerce. So, watch this space…."