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Elizabeth Olsen Is A Punk Ice Princess In Bullett

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    Because the grass is always greener on the other side, Elizabeth Olsen just officially killed our appetite for warm weather in this winter wonderland of an editorial. In Bullett's romance Issue, MK & A's sister is exactly what we imagine would happen if the Rodarte ladies teamed up with Tavi on the costumes for a dark remake of Cinderella (wait, that needs to happen). Choppy pink hair, glittering outfits, and a gloriously fake set dripping with iced flora, this editorial achieves the ineffable. It's at once trendy and beautiful...almost too much to look at and yet we can't look away. Someone get the dictionary on the phone, because this is the new definition of kitschy chic — no Cosby sweaters required.

    Hit the slideshow for more, then definitely read the interview at Bullett. We were kicking ourselves when we read they interviewd her at Il Buco, just around the corner from our offices. If we had known, we would've been there in an instant with our own pink wigs waiting for autographs. As usual, she comes off as lovable and slightly reserved — and the endearing shyness that makes her such a phenomenal, versatile actress shows on her face in the photos, despite the pink and purple prom-queen regalia.

    Photos: Courtesy of Bullett.

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