The Ladies Of Born And Bread Serve Up The Perfect Night In Nolita

You can’t just dive into New York nightlife all by your lonesome. You need a BFF — a partner in crime to really discover the best of what this city offers between dinner and dawn. At evenings spent at ritzy restaurants and dark, divey dance spots, Lauren Abuaf and Julie Lagrotteria, the fashionable duo behind the beautiful style blog Born and Bread, have each others’ backs. Between working at Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors, these Manhattanites have spent years enjoying the best and worst of NYC, separating the wheat from the chaff, learning how to dress for every setting, and sharing their perfect night-out outfits online for their many fans. Now we’re tapping the Born and Bread girls to supply you with the perfect evening itinerary for their favorite NYC ‘hood, Nolita, and show you the ideal ensemble for each of their hotspot picks. Take it away, ladies.
Photographed by Michael Flores
9 p.m., Drinks at Les Enfants Terrible:
"We adore this cute French bistro. It's got a great after-dinner scene with cocktails to match."
Dress Code:
"We channeled our inner 'Carrie Bradshaw takes Paris' for this spot — polished looks with a twist."
Late-Night Lesson #1:
"Always have a MetroCard handy."
Local Love:
"Walking through Nolita's narrow streets lined with cute boutiques always pushes our personal style to the next level. For people watching on a Saturday afternoon at a great cafe, neighborhood bookshop, or ice cream parlor, this place just can't be beat! "
Cole Haan Crosby Suede Shopper, $398, available at Cole Haan.
Cole Haan Cassidy Bootie, $268, available at Cole Haan.
Cole Haan Chelsea Pump, $298, available at Cole Haan.
Photographed by Michael Flores
11 p.m., Dinner at Bacaro:
"This is a great dinner spot — delicious food with an impressive wine list. The cavernous side rooms are especially good for a little private time with small groups."
Dress Code:
"We're always channeling cozy when we head to Bacaro. It's a sophisticated place with a downtown edge that brings out the real city girl in us."
Late-Night Lesson #2:
"Don't order sushi on Sundays!"
The Lives Of Two Recovering Night Owls:
"Most of our wild clubbing nights are behind us — thank goodness. Still, we're always finding ourselves out late when we're having fun with close friends. Underground bars, delicious new restaurants, or noteworthy lounges have a way of doing that."
Cole Haan Chelsea Pump, $298, available at Cole Haan.
Cole Haan Crosby Shopper, $348, available at Cole Haan. Cole Haan Cassidy Bootie, $268, available at Cole Haan.
Photographed by Michael Flores
2 a.m., Dancing at The Mulberry Project:
"Sometimes, you just gotta let your inner wild child come out. The Mulberry Project is perfect for that."
Dress Code:
"We love this place's underground vibe. You get the feeling that what happens here stays here. That being the case, we took the opportunity to throw on some bold brights and mix and match our separates."
Late-Night Lesson #3:
"With all the walking you have to do in this concrete jungle, it really pays off to add rubber soles to your heels for added protection."
Absolute, Drop-Dead, Favorite Fall Trend:
"Luxe Leather! From skirts to blazers, leather makes any outfit feel instantly rough enough for the city streets, while also adding a bit of feminine structure."
Cole Haan Cassidy Bootie, $268, available at Cole Haan.
Cole Haan Chelsea Pump, $298, available at Cole Haan.
Photographed by Michael Flores

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