Festival Fashion 101: Pics From Newport Folk Fest

Remember when music festivals were about seeing live music with your friends, and not about street style, pool parties, or Twitter hashtags? If you thought that the last music festival died with the introduction of Instagram, think again — the Newport Folk Festival has been going on since 1959 and still boasts the same quality, no-frills event that hosted Bob Dylan's first national live show in '63.
It's been called "the music festival for musicians" (by fellow musicians, naturally), and we braved some really nasty weather this weekend to trek out to Rhode Island to catch the acts, see the sights, and snap some shots of our favorite music festival this side of a PlayStation sponsorship.
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The two cuties from First Aid Kit (both wearing Swedish Hasbeen shoes!).
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The full team from Brooklyn Spirit Family Reunion.
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Wife and husband Jessie and Will Johnson came all the way from Austin, Texas. Jessie's poncho is a vintage score from Buffalo Exchange.
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Dawes! We're loving Taylor's plaid Billy Reid shirt.
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Alyssa Benjamin wears a Zara dress and Bass sandals.
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Rachel Cosgrove in a pretty, patterned dress.
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How amazing is the clash of prints and colors on Charity Rose Thielen (of The Head and the Heart)?
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The lovely trio from The Head and the Heart.
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Annie Pardo and Katie Alexander max-out during the festival.
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Jillian Hewitt's a law student at Fordham and is wearing a Zara lace top.
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Jim James from My Morning Jacket does all white right.
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How easy-breezy do Marthe and Matt Vasquez look?
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Deer Tick is a whole lot friendlier than its name might suggest.
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Prop stylist Teresa Herrmann sports a vintage dress and her fiancé's grandfather's hat.
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Jonny Corndawg and co.
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Jeff Tweedy of Wilco below a stunning stage.
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Our own Piera Gelardi in a lovely frock from Anthropologie Petites.