The Freshest Set Of Style Bloggers You Need To Bookmark Now

In addition to our usual list of bloggers whose URLs we find ourselves typing – sometimes, automatically and unconsciously — on the regular, we're always looking to shake things up with something (or someone) new. While style bloggers can feel like they're a dime a dozen, we went on a search to track down the new ones out there with real staying power (those stellar standouts that are anything but ubiquitous).
With a mix of thrifting pros, fashion risk takers, and lots of style inspiration, this who's who rounds up six budding Internet stars who are truly worth your time. Bookmark one or bookmark all (our recommendation) and breathe a bit of new life into that daily blog-roll troll.
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So In Carmel — Karolina — or Charlotte, her nickname — keeps a blog that's everything we look for in an afternoon fix of style inspiration. This Polish blogger's aesthetic is mostly soft and sweet but with a grown-up edge. Think soft pastels, tailored separates, whimsical prints paired with statement accessories, and sneakers that dress down even the sharpest of blazers. Karolina simply calls them "everyday outfits for every girl," but we see something special. Add in the occasional product review from this beauty junkie, and you'll have a new source of distraction on your hands.

Photo: Courtesy of So In Carmel
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Ms. Vintage Virgin — Jessica Virgin is no novice when it comes to snagging an amazing vintage piece. In fact, she's all about it. Her photographs alone are proof that this Texas blogger is a complete chameleon when it comes to working these one-of-a-kind finds and DIY creations into her wardrobe. Virgin, a stay-at-home mom, might have a suggestive surname, but her "fashion-whore" self description and often NSFW language make us believe there's a lot more to her than just a name — and she's not afraid to wear it right on her sleeve.

Photo: Courtesy of Ms. Vintage Virgin
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Frantic Dreams — At 6'5", Franceta of Frantic Dreams has the potential to make any runway model seriously jealous. This Toronto blogger sets a stylish example for women struggling to embrace their size and shape (whatever their measurements). Her enthusiastic blog is a must-read embodiment of the gal who approaches personal style with a sense of adventure. Keep watching this one for the next chapter in what she calls a "brutally honesty journey." We're all ears... and eyes!

Photo: Courtesy of Frantic Dreams
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Tick Tock Vintage — Veronika is the latest vintage-clad, DIY-loving, style-snapping lady to add herself to our bookmarks tab. We personally dig her retro flair, sweet updos, and craft projects (she promises even more in the future); however, this Philly-based blog also offers a complete slice of life as a newlywed, school teacher, vintage lover, and shutterbug extraordinaire — not to mention a finalist from our Next Big Style Blogger contest this past year. Expect a wide range of snaps beyond just outfits, including the occasional puppy-themed post and peeks into the various nooks and crannies of the City of Brotherly Love — straight from someone who knows all the ins and outs.

Photo: Courtesy of Tick Tock Vintage
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Dani and Bianca of Kastor and Pollux — We left space for two more Torontonians. These partners in crime business are the minds behind Kastor & Pollux, an online jewelry store of adorable and on-trend baubles. Aside from peddling the skull-head bracelets and crystal-detailed necklaces, owners Dani and Bianca run their own personal style blogs to showcase their fashion POV and demonstrate how to wear the very items they sell. Like any set of BFFs, they have quite a few things in common: their eclectic, quirky wardrobe pairings, candy-colored hair, and bubbly personalties, to boot. Next up for the twosome is a reworked vintage jewelry line, and — as is to be expected from two talented besties — lots of fun posts.

Photo: Courtesy of Kastor and Pollux