Match Point: Sneak A Peek At MAC's Newest Nail & Lip Hues

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    While we'll readily admit to hoarding pretty much every shade of lipstick that MAC launches, our obsession with most of the colors is usually fleeting, soon to be replaced by the next "It" hue. That said, there are some shades that have reached iconic status in our makeup bags — the ones we find ourselves reaching for when we need to create a reliable wow 'em look.

    Well, those savvy makeup mavens at MAC have tapped into that knowledge and found a way to tie in one of spring's hottest nail polish trends — matchy-matchy nails and lips — into one highly-covetable collection. Fashion Sets features Lipglasses and Nail Lacquers that are exact dupes of the brand's most popular lipstick shades from different parts of the world. For Asia Pacific that's Impassioned, Saint Germain, Peachstock, Razzledazzler, Angel, Morange, and Ravishing; Europe and Africa is Morange, Spice, Myth, Rebel, Impassioned, Russian Red, and Saint Germain; Latin America and the Middle East have Please Me, Girl About Town, Pink Nouveau, Russian Red, Snob, Impassioned, and Morange. What are North American ladies coveting most? Myth, Snob, Spice, Girl About Town, Russian Red, Rebel, and Chestnut apparently.

    While we adore Russian Red's re-birth as a Lipglass, we have to say the set we fell most in love with was hot pink Girl About Town. Click through to see all the North American lipsticks with their gloss and polish doppelgängers.

    Which MAC lippie would you most want to see in lipgloss and lacquer form?

    MAC Fashion Set Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Lacquer; $14.50-$16, or $45 for each set; available in May at MAC.

    Photo: Courtesy of MAC

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