Leggings Are Back On The Fashion Runways — And This Is How They're Being Worn

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Leggings are one of those polarizing fashion items that usually inspires major devotion, guilty-pleasure shame, or righteous hatred. You’re either on Team Leggings, or you’re on Team Secret Leggings, and only wear them in situations where you’re 99% sure you won’t bump into anyone you know (at home, to the bagel shop down the street, on a red eye, etc.). While athleisure — and its whole wardrobe of sneakers, joggers, sweats, and anoraks — has become a very real, very fashion-y trend of late, leggings are one of the few items that still gets a bad rap. But the tide may be a-changing, starting with 3.1 Phillip Lim’s spring 2016 show.

In celebration of 3.1 Phillip Lim’s 10th anniversary, the collection featured a theme of rebirth, renewal, and growth — which is fitting, considering leggings are always ground zero for getting dressed. On your laziest, most zombie-feeling days, you start with a pair of leggings and move upward from there, and as Lim showed, it doesn’t have to translate into a lazy, zombie-looking outfit. A pair of slim-fit, slightly cropped, high-waisted leggings let you go a little next-level with the rest of your look: Lim paired them with layered outerwear, pretty ruffled tunics, and peep-toe booties. Lim’s trousers are made with thick fabric and flare out slightly at the ankles thanks to two cut-out notches at the side, but standard-issue leggings would achieve the same effect.

Click through to see how he dressed up leggings on the runway, and how you can get a similar look using clothes you already own.
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Leggings Level: Beginner
If you're nervous about leggings, covering your tush can do wonders for your confidence level. Wear yours with a pretty, loose-fit top and layer a knee-length jacket over it. Go for a car coat, a windbreaker parka, or even an oversized vest.
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Leggings Level: Intermediate
A bonkers-cool tunic gives you plenty of coverage while making your top the showpiece. And the leggings give you coverage with a dress that's a little too short to be worn by itself but without distracting from your statement piece.
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Leggings Level: Advanced
Wearing leggings as pants has plenty of haters — but, you know what? Who cares, especially if your outfit is at great as this one! A ruffled, feminine top with some structure works great with a pair of slim-fit trousers. Just make sure the torso of the top isn't skintight, too — that little bit of room gives your outfit balance.