How To Find Sunglasses That Actually Fit: 5 Face Shapes, Tons Of Shades

We all know that the hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses is an ongoing battle, thanks to trends, prices, and (sadly) your fave frames' uncanny knack for evaporating into thin air. And with that in mind, we created your go-to guide for finding the perfect specs for beach season. After IDing the five most common face shapes, which include heart-shaped, oval, oblong, square, and round, we created a simple cheat sheet of what you need to look for…and what you should avoid. But, no, you still can't wear 'em inside.
Illustrations by Gabriela Alford
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Round Faces

Girls who're born with a round face seem to live on either end of the sunglasses spectrum — they either look fantastic or like an early 2000s sunglasses bug (you know, with those huge lenses). With the widest part of the mug being your cheeks and the length, from forehead to chin, almost equal to the width, round gals get to play with plenty of angles.

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford
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Opt for an asymmetric top and bottom, creating a sense of upward movement and contrast, but extreme geometrics, like a mega-square or Lennon glasses, are super jarring. A flat bridge is fun, and make sure to contrast angles with rounder edges.

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Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped ladies, you get to have so much fun! Having a heart-shaped visage means that you've got a narrow chin and high cheekbones (think Reese Witherspoon), and you don't want to weigh your face down with heavy frames or overly geometric lines.

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford
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We love the whimsical drama of the cat-eye, which mimics the general lines of your jaw. Because you ladies have a strong chin, keep the extreme angles up top and work with rounder lenses. Try to look for glasses that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, which'll keep things delicate, but spunky.

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Oval Faces

Ovals, you lucky ducks. The oval face shape, classically speaking, can really try any pair of glasses, as the trademark of an oval face is near-symmetry, like ScarJo or Megan Fox. While Ovals ought to experiment, we think they look superb in oversized glasses with a dramatic and swooped bridge, really adding fluidity to your bone structure.

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford
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Keep your angles like your skin: soft and smooth, playing with rounder lenses and a gently arced bridge. We dig rimless glasses and thinner, more delicate frames (to really contrast with how strong your lovely jaw can be), but avoid straight lines like those found on aviators.

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Oblong Faces

Gals with oblong or rectangular-shaped faces can sometimes struggle with the perfect pair (your writer knows the pain, having this shape of head for herself). With a face significantly longer than it is wide, like stunners Liv Tyler or Rihanna, you'll be wanting volume, not length. Like Ovals, larger glasses look best, but unlike those with super symmetric faces, those Oblongs should find softer, less dramatically dipped bridges.

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford
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Because there is no need for the illusion of length, ditch those round-rimmed sunnies for more angular and squared lenses. Keep the glasses perched on the apple of the cheek…anything less, and your face might dwarf the frames.

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Square Faces

While a square-shaped visage sounds strange, the best way to identify this type is with a strong jaw and a squared-off hairline, like Jessica Simpson or Cat Deeley.

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford
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Opt for glasses that are higher at the top than at the bridge of the nose to keep things dynamic. Smaller frames can make your head look long, so amp up the size and drama!

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