29 Things You Don't Know About Refinery29

Happy Birthday...to us! We're five, and while we might still have our baby teeth, we've definitely grown up lots from our once-a-week, newsletter days. We hear that five is the year that you start learning how to share, so we thought it'd be fun to divulge some things that you might not know about our website and our staff. From office traditions to strange factoids about our editors, here are 29 glimpses into Refinery29 HQ!
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1. Refinery29 was started in 2005 with just $5,000.
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2. On this day in 2005 we got 15 visits. Today, we'll get 50,000.
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3. We play the "Price Is Right" theme song throughout the office when someone gets their first byline on the site.
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4. The numbers 2, 9, and 29 have nothing to do with astrology, numerology, feng shui, or any spiritual number system. Rather, 29 comes from good, old-fashioned Free Masonry. (Ha! JK! Or are we?!)
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5. Our Global Editor Connie's go-to karaoke song is "Chop Suey" by System of a Down.
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6. People occasionally wander into our office looking for Refinery29 Shops. No, the office is not a shop. There is nothing to buy here. Sorry, dudes.
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7. Derek Blasberg was one of the site's first contributors. Piera asked him to write for the site on the L train.
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8. We stand by the assertion that our Editorial Director, Christene, is the world's most amazing thrift shopper. Anyone willing to counter that, we're willing to fight to the death.
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9. Solange Knowles unexpectedly took the stage with Of Montreal at our Fashion Week party last year.
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10. Before Refinery29, our Co-Founder, Justin, worked investigating police misconduct. We still sometimes call him Investigator Stefano.
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11. Our most popular story ever was How To Get Shot By The Sartorialist.
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12. Our Style Director, Piera, went to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.
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13. Our Co-founder and Publisher, Philippe, spent much of his childhood in Ibiza. Even then, he could party with the best of them. 
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14. Yes, Piera and Philippe are actually married.
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15. Refinery29 is no way associated with the petrochemical industry.
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16. Our NY Editor Kristian's middle name is Bravo. It was supposed to be his first name.
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17. We once threw a taco party to which the taco truck didn't show up.
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18. Before we moved into our office in TriBeCa, we used two cafes and Piera and Philippe's apartments as our headquarters.
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19. If you wanted a sneak peek at our office, it looks like this!
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20. Our Managing Editor, Lisa was early to her interview (for an editorial internship—her original position!) and we told her to get lost for an hour. This could potentially be used as proof that the early bird gets the worm.
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21. One of our first stories was a profile on Vena Cava… we shot and interviewed them at the Chelsea hotel.
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22. Two of our office mates (we share our office with two amazing other companies) met in the office, fell in loooove, and now are getting married!
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23. WWD wrote the very first article about the site launch in 2005. We celebrated with pizza at Union Pool.
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24. Our LA Editor, Kate, can recite every line from Steel Magnolias. We're quizzing her when she gets to NYC today.
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25. On her recent trip to South Africa, our Sales Director, Alison, swam with sharks AND climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in addition to taking in some World Cup games. Yeah, don't mess!
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26. Lauren, our Sales Manager, was an All-American track star. Hey Lauren, wanna go on a coffee run?
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27. Our Contributing Beauty Editor, Betsey, was a synchronized swimmer from age 8 through college. Hence, her spot-on recs for waterproof mascara (and floral swimcaps).
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28. We love our interns. ALWAYS.
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29. We love our readers (except when they are being grouchy. Then we merely appreciate your page views.).