Don't Smell Like Everyone Else — 10 Ultra-Unique Perfume Picks

A signature scent should be just that — yours and yours alone. That's kind of hard to do when you stick to mainstream designer fragrances. As much as we love our Marc Jacobs Daisy, we don't like smelling it on every girl stuffed in the subway car during our morning commute. Why not choose something a bit more off the beaten track?
These 10 indie fragrance brands specialize in thoroughly unique, artisanal scents that you can truly lay claim to. Will you ever come across another woman wearing one of these scents? Possibly. But, we guarantee they won't be nearly as ubiquitous as what the fragrance guy at Macy's is aggressively spraying into your face.
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Yosh Sombre Negra
The name of this unisex fragrance means "black shadow" in Spanish and the edgy scent lives up to its moniker. Top notes of citrus melt into a moodier heart of rose, tonka, and orris, with a nutmeg and cumin base to add some spice. While it could be considered more traditionally as a masculine scent, perfumer Yosh Han describes it as a "boyfriend fragrance," ideal for those women who love the depth and warmth of men's cologne.

$130, available at Lucky Scent.

Photo: Courtesy of Yosh
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Le Labo Jasmin 17
Le Labo is one of the most unique fragrance houses around thanks to their emphasis on the purity of their scents. Instead of throwing together a mishmash of notes, founders Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi choose to focus on a single essence and build a very short "formula" of notes around it. The number on each fragrance is a reference to the number of raw ingredients in that scent. The fragrances are all made-to-order, meaning that the essential oils are kept separate from the alcohol until you purchase it. This guarantees scents stay fresh, and gives each Le Labo fragrance that specialness that's missing at today's fragrance counters.

Billed as a modern alternative to old-fashioned florals, this unabashedly feminine scent is what you put on when you're feeling sexy. In addition to its namesake bloom, it also includes accords of musk, sandalwood, and vanilla.

$145, available at Le Labo.

Photo: Courtesy of Le Labo
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Tokyomilk Mix N' Match Eau De Parfum
Ever had dreams of creating your very own fragrance? Thanks to this inspired kit from Tokyomilk, now you can. Each set contains three harmonious fragrances, two vials of each, for you to layer on your skin as you please. As you blend and play, you'll concoct a unique scent that's truly all your own.

$18, available at Beautyhabit.

Photo: Courtesy of Tokyomilk
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Strange Invisible Perfumes Tour D'Ivoire
As best said by our fave perfume blogger, Now Smell This, Strange Invisible Perfumes is for perfume-lovers. True scentophiles are the ones that can really appreciate all of the subtle essences and layers found in each of these handcrafted scents. They're not for everyone, but that's precisely their appeal — you really have to be able to love it in order to wear it. One of our faves is Tour D'Ivoire, a decadent and sensual blend of mimosa, French lavender, vanilla, cocoa, and galbanum.

Another plus for Strange Invisible is that founder Alexandra Balahoutis uses only all-natural ingredients, with some of the extracts even having organic or bio-dynamic certification. The high levels of essential oils means you don't have to deal with all the filler alcohol that's in most mainstream fragrances, so scents last longer on your skin.

$195, available at Strange Invisible Perfumes.

Photo: Courtesy of Strange Invisible Perfumes
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Juliette Has A Gun
A non-perfume might not make sense at first, but hear us out. This scent features just one note — a synthetic fragrance approximation of ambergris — that smells slightly woody. That single note stays lasting on your skin — it doesn't morph or fade into something else. Super-clean, it reacts to the wearer's body chemistry, so that it is truly unique on your skin.

$85, available at LuckyScent.

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D.S. & Durga My Indian Childhood
Based in Brooklyn, this artisan fragrance house specializes in small batch, hand-crafted scents that are a nostalgic nod to days gone by. My Indian Childhood features notes that are "culled from memories of India through the eyes of a young ex-pat," including patchouli, tobacco, and tropical flowers.

Hey, we were so taken with the brand's artisanal approach to fragrance, we entrusted them to create the R29 signature scent. They've definitely got our stamp of approval.

$85, available at D.S. & Durga.

Photo: Courtesy of D.S. & Durga
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Etat Libre D'Orange Vraie Blonde
This French fragrance house prides itself on titillating the masses with its eccentric blend of unexpected, often naughty, notes — semen and cigarettes anyone? But outside of the more avant garde parfums you can find some truly breathtaking scents. Vraie Blonde — or "real blonde," in case the illustration of blonde pubic hair on the box didn't tip you off — features notes of ambergris, suede, myrrh, rose, peaches, and champagne. The end result evokes visions of a Marilyn Monroe-esque seductress — bubbly, light, and charismatic, but with an underlying hint of sensuality.

$80, available at Lucky Scent.

Photo: Courtesy of Etat Libre D'Orange
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By Kilian Rose Oud
Rose is one of those scents that you either love it or hate it, but this gorgeous fragrance is the rare exception to the rule — we haven't met anyone yet who didn't find its heady blend of Turkish rose petals and rare oud (a resin) completely intoxicating.

$395, available at Bergdorf Goodman.

Photo: Via Bergdorf Goodman
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Spadaro Sole Nero
Inspired by a trip to Sicily, this lush scent from Spadaro features notes of Italian grapfruit, white pepper, cumin, musk, sandalwood, almond, vanilla, and honey — a note that, in our opinion, does not get enough love in the fragrance world. The notes combine to create an olfactive journey that will have you daydreaming of sunset meals spent in the Italian countryside.

$135, available at Nordstrom.

Photo: Courtesy of Spadaro
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Thirdman Eau Monumentale
If you're a fan of classic eau de colognes, you've got to give this new unisex one a whiff. Its simple mix of neroli, citrus, and woodsy notes works best when splashed liberally on your skin — it gives off a light, fresh, uplifting scent that can be hard to find in many of the more complicated scents currently on the market.

$75, available at Aedes de Venustas.

Photo: Courtesy of Thirdman