Where To Get Your Makeup Done In NYC

You've had that save-the-date, b-day invite, or prom ticket stuck to your fridge for ages now. And while you probably (hopefully!) have your dress on order, your shoes in the closet, and your date all figured out, you might not think about getting your face on until a few hours before you're ready to head out the door. But because we don't want you to have any last-minute freak-outs trying to conceal a blemish (how do they always crop up right before a night out?), applying eyeliner neatly, or deciding between nude and bright lips, we're giving you the lowdown on the nine top spots to have your makeup done in NYC. From the best salons for your budget and the most splurge-worthy artists to the awesome freebies you can snag and the products you should scope, we've got all the intel you need. So, consider this your ultimate cheat sheet to looking like a supermodel in a snap. Oh, and that corsage? Seriously, leave it at home.
Planning a fancy night out? Book an appointment to get your makeup done at one of these awesome NYC makeup studios.
Photo: Courtesy of Wonderland Beauty Salon
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Red Door Spa

If the word "spa" doesn't make your heart instantly go pitter-patter, we don't know what will. Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa is certainly an escape, whether you're looking to just get made up before your night out or you want to spend the entire day getting pampered (we recommend...both). And, since this household name has been a leader in the beauty industry for over 100 years, you can trust that you'll be getting top-notch service, expert advice, and signature services that you can only get behind those iconic red doors.

Makeup Musts
Basic Makeup, $65-$100, depending on the makeup artist
Custom Color Foundation: You can't come to this salon without trying this out! Get your skin tone analyzed by Elizabeth Arden's Custom Color technology to create a one-of-a-kind foundation that perfectly matches all of your skin's hues and unique undertones. Although this service costs $59 to get a 1-ounce bottle and travel-sized container of foundation, you can get a free sample any time you go to the Red Door Spa.

Special Services
Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap: Want to feel great from head to toe? Try out this warm seaweed wrap, which will draw out toxins from your skin and make you glow; $135.
Red Door Signature Manicure: Treat your digits to cream and sugar exfoliation, hydrating paraffin, and a reflexology massage; $45.
Time Saver Facial: Recommended before you get all made up before your event, it will tone and hydrate your face, ensuring your makeup goes on flawlessly; $80.

Red Door Spa, 663 Fifth Avenue (between 52nd & 53rd streets), 212-546-0200; book your appointment here.

Products, from left to right: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick In Rouge, $22.50; Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush In Pink, $24; Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Eyeshadow Duo In Blue Smoke, $24.50.

Photo: Via Red Door Spa/Facebook
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Mario Badescu

Chances are, you've seen Mario Badescu products at your favorite beauty store. And whether you've been long obsessed or haven't yet taken the plunge into the skin care treatments celebs swear by, we think just one trip to their salon will turn you into a regular. With makeup application starting at just $65, you might even want to splurge on a facial…and a skin treatment, and a massage, and a mani-pedi...

Makeup Musts
Basic makeup application, $65
Bonus: You'll get a free consultation, where your technician will recommend which Mario Badescu products are right for you and your skin. If you don't want to buy the products, you can snag free samples instead.

Special Services
Basic facial, $65
Facial plus Vitamin C Treatment, $100
Facial plus Herbal Seaweed Treatment, $100
Facial plus Super Collagen Treatment, $95
Bonus: Mario Badescu has tons of different skin and facial treatments that you can try out (click here for the full list). If you love their work and need want to come back for more, you can get discounts by booking treatments in a package: click here for details.

Mario Badescu, 320 East 52nd Street (between 2nd and 1st avenues), 212-758-1065; call to book your appointment.

Products, from left to right: Mario Badescu The Moisture Magnet, $22; Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs, And Rosewater, $7; Mario Badescu Kiwi Face Scrub; $15.

Photo: Courtesy of Mario Badescu
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Kimara Ahnert Makeup Studio

You may have heard of Kimara Ahnert before — this beauty pro is always dishing out her makeup tips and tricks for the likes of The New York Times, Allure, Elle and Vanity Fair. And, when it comes to making you up, you can bet that her studio has a full range of services that you can take advantage of. Whether you just want a flirty pair of lashes to compliment your look or you want a full face for a wedding, Kimara's elegant Madison Avenue studio is the perfect place to get all dolled up. And, although Kimara herself is available to do you up right, if your budget is tight you can also get your makeup done by one of her assistants for a much lower price.

Makeup Musts
In-studio makeup application: Kimara, $130; artist, $95
Eyebrow shaping: Kimara, $65; artist, $55

Special Services
In-studio makeup lesson: Kimara, $300; artist, $200
On-location makeup: Kimara, $350; artist, $250
Individual eyelashes: full, $50; half, $30
Strip eyelashes, $30
Bonus: You can save money by booking services in a series: If you purchase 5 you can get 10% off, and 10 for 20% off.
Even better! Twice a year (once in fall and once in spring), the studio sends out a card which allows you to redeem up $95 worth of products for free at the salon, and you get a free makeup application. You read that right: Twice a year you can stock up on $95 worth of products and get all done up, totally for free.

Kimara Ahnert, 1113 Madison Avenue (near 84th Street), 212-452-4252; call to book your appointment.

Products, from left to right: Kimara Ahnet Liquid Liner In Chocolate Martini, $26; Kimara Ahnert Lipstick In Gypsy, $25; Kimara Ahnet Matte Eyeshadow In Wine, $24; available at

Photos: Via Kimara Ahnert/Facebook
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Perhaps one of the most well-known locales on our list, it's hard to go wrong getting your makeup done by the experts at MAC. From demonstrations using the products you're already obsessed with (no appointment necessary!) to finally learning how to put on a set of falsies (it's not that scary!), MAC studios is always one place where we love to drop in to learn something new. So, whether you're ready to leave your trusty Ruby Woo behind and try something more adventurous, or you just want to master the basics (without poking your eye out), you can bet you'll leave with a few new tricks up your sleeve that'll knock 'em dead, every time.

Makeup Musts
Basic makeup application starts at $50 but can vary in price depending on the artist and location.
False Lash Application: Learn how to finally put those bad boys on! You'll not only get custom-fitted fringe, you'll get a style consultation as well.

Special Services
Face Shaping: Let's face it: not all of us were born with chiseled cheekbones. But, with a little makeup in all the right places, you can be runway ready in a flash.
Go For Glamour: Get the drop-dead look of your dreams, using MAC's newest products and techniques.

MAC, 1540 Broadway (between W 45th and 46th streets); 646-355-0296; no appointment necessary.

Products, from left to right: MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass In Imperial Red, $19; MAC Chenman Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo In Supersweet, $20; MAC Zoom Waterfast Lash, $15.

Photo: Courtesy of MAC
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Laura Geller

Why do we love Laura Geller? Where do we even begin? For starters, she happens to be one of the best makeup artists in the biz who has been living and breathing makeup pretty much forever. Second, her studio isn't about putting some products on your face and pushing you out the door — it's all about learning. Whether you're just going in for a simple full-face application, or you want a lesson to boot, Laura and her team want to make sure they know you and your skin, so they apply what works best for you, your life, and your occasion. Oh, and did we mention the complimentary cookies? Yeah, we thought you were sold.

Makeup Musts
Basic makeup application, $95
Makeup application with false lashes, $120
Custom brow design, $30-$50

Special Services
On-location makeup application, $300 per person
Strip lashes, $25
Makeup lessons, $150
Makeup and accessories boutique... and cookies!

Laura Geller, 1044 Lexington Avenue (between 75th and 75th streets), 212-570-5477; call to book your appointment.

Products, from left to right: Laura Geller Brow Tint And Gel Tamer, $21.50; Laura Geller Baked Cheek Dreams Blush and Highlighter Trio, $29.50.

Photo: Courtesy of Laura Geller Salon
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Mario Diab Salon

Don't let the fact that Mario Diab has some of the most high profile clients in the business scare you. Sure, he does hair for the likes of Kelly Ripa, Salma Hayek, and Vera Wang, but when it comes to getting your makeup done, his salon is one sweet deal. Offering a variety of services from a full-face of makeup to eyebrow maintenance, this is definitely a one-stop shop for getting gussied up, and we definitely won't stop you if you want to splurge on a gorgeous haircut if you so desire. A quick scan through the salon's portfolio reveals extremely diverse and versatile looks, so whether you're looking to get a fresh, subtle look for a wedding or go totally glam for a big night out, this is the salon you'll want to visit. And not breaking the bank? Total bonus.

Makeup Musts
Basic Makeup: $75 - $150, depending on the artist
Eye makeup only, $50
Eyebrow shaping, $55 and up

Special Services
Makeup Lesson: $150
Eyelash extensions - $175 and up

Mario Diab, 62 Crosby Street (near Spring Street), 212-226-6595; book your appointment here.

Products, from left to right: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation With SPF 15, $46, available at Bobbi Brown; ; Lenor Greyl Pre-Shampoo Beautifying Oil, $50, available at Lenor Greyl; YSL Golden Gloss In Golden Praline, $30, available at YSL.

Photo: Via Mario Diab Salon/Facebook
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Rita Hazan Studio

The Rita Hazan studio is so gorgeous, we sometimes wish we could just spend the day wandering around it, like it's some kind of vacation home. From the salon's cheerful but elegant modern decor to their full menu of top-notch services (think micodermabrasion, oxygen facials, and super-cool hair and makeup packages if you want to get really indulgent), you could easily want to spend the week there... staycation, anyone? And while this is one of the priciest options on our list, we think a once in a while splurge is worth it, especially if you're attending (or hosting!) a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Makeup Musts
Basic application, $200-$250
Spa manicure, $35 Eye makeup only, $100 and up

Special Services
Makeup Lesson, $200 and up
Spa pedicure, $70
Shellac Manicure, $75
Shellac Pedicure, $105-$130

Rita Hazan, 720 Fifth Avenue, 11th fl. (near 56th Street), 212-586-4343; call to book your appointment.

Products, from left to right: Rita Hazan Root Concealer In Light Brown, $24; Rita Hazan Foaming Gloss, $26.

Photo: Courtesy of Rita Hazan Studio
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The Finishing Bar By Fox & Jane

The Finishing Bar by Fox & Jane is one of those places you want to go to just to hang out. Maybe it's due to the loung-like feel of the salon or, um, because they have amazing services for totally affordable prices. We're talking $9 manis here and a 20 minute massage for just $23 — we've spent more on breakfast, trust us. And when it comes to getting your makeup done, The Finishing Bar is more than happy to oblige. You'll start off with a free consultation to determine exactly the look you want, and then the artists will get to work. The Finishing Bar happens to be the only salon in New York to use EF Studio makeup, an exclusive LA-based brand that uses some of the richest pigments and most brilliant colors around, meaning your look will be nothing short of stunning.

Makeup Musts
Basic application, $65
Dramatic/evening look, $85
Creative/Imaginative look, $95
False eyelash application, $10
Bonus: If you come to get your makeup done with up three other people, you get a 15% discount on services!

Special Services
Mani/pedi, $37
Shellac manicure, $25
10-20 minute massage, $12-$23
Bonus: If you get a spa pedicure, you get a free skin scrub!

The Finishing Bar by Fox And Jane, 154 Orchard Street (between Stanton and Rivington streets), 646-415-8187; book your appointment here.

Products, from left to right: EF Studio Full Coverage Foundation In Light, $38; EF Studio Lip Color Palette In L101, $45; EF Studio Pigment Powder In Punk Rock Mohawk; $32.

Photo: Courtesy of The Finishing Bar
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Wonderland Beauty Parlor

Walking into Wonderland Beauty Parlor is, well, kind of like walking into Wonderland. Meaning, girly-girls will feel right at home in front of their ornate mirrors, bright pink furniture, and sparkly, tinsel-covered walls. And at Wonderland, the choices are abundant: From regular makeup application to airbrushing, false eyelashes, and even makeup tutorials, these ladies are here to make sure you always look incredible. Plus, they're happy to help reduce waste as well: If you get a false eyelash application using their Kre-At Beauty False EyeLashes, you'll get $10 off your subsequent applications if you bring the fringes back to re-use. Recycling never looked so good.

Makeup Musts
Basic makeup, $150
Airbrush makeup, $50
False eyelash application: $40
Bonus: Bring back your Kre-At Beauty False EyeLashes and get them re-applied for just $30

Special Services
Makeup tutorial, $250 for a 75-minute session
Eye makeup only, $65

Wonderland, 418 West 13th Street (between Ninth Avenue and Washington Street), 212-524-2800; call to book your appointment.

Products, from left to right: Robert's Florentine Rosewater, $9.99; Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar In Lipstick Red, $13.50; RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadow Magnetic, $28.

Photo: Courtesy of Wonderland Beauty Salon