The Ultimate Guide To Spring Denim

Of all the must-have basics, denim is by far the most versatile. There's the wear-them-so-much-they-mold-to-your-bottom jeans, the hot-hot-hot-pant (that's somehow still okay to wear in public), and even the not-your-art-teacher's overalls that are sneaking their way back into fashion (or at least so says Alexa Chung). Sure, we love almost every iteration, but all jeans were not created equal. To help you launch head first into spring with your fave fabric in mind, we've created an all-encompassing denim guide to help you find your best-bet garments. And hey, if you can't decide, the Canadian tuxedo is still in (insert '90s throwback here).
Update your denim arsenal with these 30 fresh, new pieces you'll be wearing all season long.
Photo: Via Free People.