We Love These Songs: A Valentine's Playlist Courtesy Of WVUM

Call us old fashioned, but we're suckers for a good playlist. So, when we were thinking of our V-Day tunes, we had to turn to some of our favorite DJs in town. No, not those kids on their MacBooks in the club—we're talking old-school radio guys. And perhaps no local radio station is as near and dear to us as WVUM. The names have changed plenty over the years, but the station's often sole commitment to good music offers an alternative to the usual 40 songs played all day on every other station. No offense to the Grammy winning Ms. Adele...there's only so many times we can hear "Set Fire To The Rain." Here to provide us with a playlist are five of our favorite music curators and hosts on WVUM. The five and their respective shows shows are Savanna/The New Folk, Amber/Electric Kingdom, Francis/The Session, Uchi/Dead Air, and Laura/Vamos A La Playa.
Savanna/The New Folk
"Agnes" — Johnny Flynn
"Weightlessly In Love" — Sleeping In The Aviary
"Hotel Yorba" —The White Stripes
According to my parents, when I was an infant the only thing that made me stop screaming was the song "Sad, Sad, Sad" by The Rolling Stones. The first song I actually remember loving is "I Will" by The Beatles.
Amber/Electric Kingdom
"All Yr Songs" — Diamond Rings
"Can You Tell" — Ra Ra Riot
"This Love" — Chico Mann
Francis/The Session
"Cupid" — Mutual Benefit
Mmoths (previously known as Moths)
"I Want a House" — Twin Sister
Uchi/Dead Air
"Harvest Moon" — Poolside
"Recharge and Revolt" — Raveonettes
"Far Nearer" — Jamie XX
I liked Chemical Brothers' "Hey Girl Hey Boy" because the video had raving skeletons...
Laura/Vamos A La Playa
"Big Brown Eyes" — Benny Sings
"Lovers" — Brothertiger
"Camino Del Sol" (Todd Terje Remix) — Antena
"Mi Guitarra" — Juan Gabriel Because I was just learning how to play guitar.... I was 7
More songs on Spotify
Videos: All Via YouTube.com

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