Style Syllabus: Go Back To School With These Fuss-Free Haircuts

New hair, new you; the phrase is so wise it may as well be a proverb. Heading back to school with a modern crop is a major game changer. Start the semester sporting a fashionably fresh cut that will allow you to focus on more important things; like what to wear and how to find the square root of Timbuktu (forgive us, winter break hasn't been kind on our brain cells). To that end, we scoured stylish lookbooks for awesome haircuts that not only work for every face, but are also super-easy to style and maintain for those early morning classes, not to mention the late night cram sessions. Bring these tears to your local stylist for a long, prosperous, fuss-free hair year.
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If You Want To Go Short
If you dare to really stir the style pot, take the plunge and go for a pixie cut that’s long on top. This cut works on all hair types— even curly! The maintenance is so low-key it’s almost non-existent — think 5-minute showers and two-minute blow dry sessions. Plus, it still has tons of versatility; Take the model’s side part vs. her Beatles mop look.

Photo: Via Dear Creatures Spring 12 look book
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If You Have Medium-Length Hair
The one-length bob is of-the-moment yet as classic as a cable-knit sweater. It works well with normal to thick hair, whether it's straight or wavy. Best yet, it looks great when it's a little dirty and tousled (lucky you!).

Photo: Via Kahlo Fall 11 look book
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If You Love Your Long Locks
If you can't part with your long, long hair, but still crave a change, opt for thick, full bangs. The length is long enough to pull back on bad hair days or fasten on the side if you’re in a rush. When they start to grow out, just brush them to the side for a cute swoop.

Photo: Via Avelaka Spring 12 look book