24 Photos From Chicago's Hottest Trains

You've hidden behind your copy of the RedEye long enough. Put down the crosswords and go ahead and mingle with the totally hot commuters we spotted on the El. We've scoured every train in town for this latest crop of eye-candy, and we're convinced that Chicago's got some of the cutest (and most stylin') riders anywhere. Who knows, our snaps might give you the courage and inspiration you need to introduce yourself before that hottie gets off at Clark and Lake. Hurry!
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An early Red Line commute and a cute Chicago girl. It's a nice way to get to work, no?
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Crowded trains make for the best hot-spotting.
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She got on at Merchandise Mart but we didn't follow her the whole way home. We're not creeps, right?
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We're getting a (hot) Tori Spelling vibe from this gal we spotted on the Brown Line.
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Sometimes you have to take things underground to find Chicago hotness.
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Our mustached traveling companion made his way to work on the Blue Line.
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A double dose of cuteness spotted on the Brown Line.
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This northbound train took us directly to one girl we couldn't stop staring at.
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We're digging the glasses so much we almost traded her for them.
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Book-smart and adorable in The Loop.
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An endless wait and a super-cute print at the Belmont stop.
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All smiles at the Paulina Red Line stop. We love a twofer.
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A classic-clad cutie on the Brown Line.
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A crush-worthy pair of shades spotted at Fullerton.
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Looking cute on her way to class at the Irving Park stop.
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Taking a quick lunch break led to this pretty print (and the babe wearing it).
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A cutie we spotted at the Montrose stop. What do you think he's listening to?
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A babe in blue behind the Vic Theater at the Belmont stop.
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Spots spotted on one pretty lady ready to head home at Clybourn.
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One quick shot before (sadly) changing trains at Fullerton.
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A babe trio waiting for the southbound Red Line.
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End-of-the-day tunes at the Chicago Red Line stop.
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One of the cutest connections we scored while changing trains.