This Is How We'd Each Style Leggings From Zara

If you shop at Zara regularly, you know its new arrivals section is updated more often than you can even comprehend. Even we, as fashion editors, can hardly keep up with its quick turnover when it comes to trends and editorials — which means, every time we do visit its site, there's yet another must-have threatening our wallets.
But no matter how often different styles are being rotated in and out — and no matter what time of year it might be — if one thing stays consistent in Zara's product offering, it's leggings. And admittedly, the retailer does stretch pants pretty well. With high-waisted, printed, and even embellished versions the world is calling "treggings" (that's trouser leggings, of course), there's an option out there for everyone.
Since we're totally aware of just how divisive leggings can be, we racked our brains to come up with nine ways this year-round wardrobe staple can be styled — and not just for your usual errand-running outfits. Nope. Here's how Refinery29's fashion editors incorporate leggings into their wardrobes.
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"Life is all about balance. Sneakers and chunky earrings? Leggings and a structured coat? There's no denying this strikes the right chord of cool and comfortable."
- Erin Cunningham, Fashion News Director
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"Teen me, who grew up during the "how low can you go" days of pant rises, would probably be shocked at my current predilection for high-waisted trousers. But it's true: I live for a high rise these days; it just makes any outfit look a bit more put-together. I love these leggings because they have a bit of a flared hem around the ankle, and that slit is perfect to show off a weird, brightly-colored shoe."
- Laia Garcia, Senior Fashion Editor
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"You know what they say: You can never have too many floral dresses. (Okay, maybe no one says that.) But still! That was the impetus for this look. With some funky mules and a chunky beanie, it's an unexpected outfit I can't wait to step into."- Alyssa Coscarelli, Fashion Market Editor
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"Leggings are being revolutionized! No longer relegated to just jeggings and black spandex options, the stretchy bottoms now include sleek prints, chic ankle decorations, and cuts that resemble a well-fitted pair of trousers. I styled my pair of Zara leggings the same way I would any pant-based look: with an oversized sweater and chunky heeled boots. To give these bottoms a little more of a dressed up vibe, I finished the outfit off with a cheeky handbag and some oversized hoops."
- Ray Lowe, Fashion Market Writer
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"Since fashion is intent on making leggings as pants happen, I'll use this opportunity to knock two trends out at once with a plaid pair. Adding the pops of color and texture make the look complete for me, plus now, the plaid looks less stuffy."
- Channing Hargrove, Fashion News Writer
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"I have years of history with floral-printed leggings with stirrups. They were always good to me, got me compliments from Mrs. King (what's up Cedar Ridge Elementary School!), and always looked great with light-up sneakers. This time, I plan on wearing them in a way I couldn't 25 years ago, which is to stay up past 9 p.m. With a flowy dress and a low pair of heels, this outfit will serve me until the punch runs out."
- Connie Wang, Senior Features Writer
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"First and foremost leggings are about comfort. I'd stick with that idea and build an entire outfit with that in-mind. And for me, flat shoes and an easy slip dress fit the bill."
- Emily Holland, Style Director
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"First of all: trouser leggings. Let that sink in as a pant option. Now, adapt it for urban '80s après ski and you've got yourself a pretty ideal winter look as far as I'm concerned."
- Annie Georgia Greenberg, Fashion Editor-at-Large
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"I call this look 'everyday sleepy superhero' because the material of these leggings is cool and shiny and stirrups always make me feel extra flexible. I have a weird rule for myself that if I wear tight pants, I always wear a long coat. I envision this PJ shirt to be half-tucked into the leggings and add an equally-as-shiny textural component. I've also been staring down these white boots (and all boots from Reike Nen) via my computer screen for a while now, and they work with this outfit pretty damn well."
- Michelle Li, Associate Stylist
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