The Best Of Amazon's 50 Days Of Holiday Deals

It's kind of hard to believe that November is more than halfway over already, and that Black Friday is coming up so soon. But we're super-excited for the sales the season will bring — first and foremost, Amazon's 50 days of holiday deals, which started November 1.
For 50 days, Amazon is offering major discounts across every category, and we'll be highlighting the best of the best. You'll be able to save on electronics brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony, as well as Lego and Star Wars toys, and more.
"We’re excited to officially kick off another holiday season, bringing customers better deals than ever before on everything they'll need — from electronics and toys to clothing, home essentials, and more," Doug Herrington, senior vice president of North American retail at Amazon, said in a statement. Plus, now you can voice-shop with Alexa or buy your favorites through a tap on the Amazon app.
Click ahead for our daily picks, and be sure to check back for more every day.
We'll be adding one new deal to this slideshow every day for 50 days — stay tuned!
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Day 18: November 18

Colorful string lights are the most versatile decoration there is.
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Day 17: November 17

Some say you can never decorate too early...
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Day 16: November 16

Tons of activewear is on sale today — like these comfy fleece pants.
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Day 15: November 15

This super-soft set of two pillows could be yours for a discounted price.
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Day 14: November 14

'Tis the season for entertaining — get started with these discounted wineglasses.
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Day 13: November 13

In case you need to stock up on kitchen essentials, plenty of them are on sale.
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Day 12: November 12

It's a great time to get a travel mug.
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Day 11: November 11

If you're looking for a speaker, this is a real powerhouse.
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Day 10: November 10

This shower speaker pairs with all of your devices.
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Day 9: November 9

If you're looking for a quality, minimalist wallet, look no further.
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Day 8: November 8

Get the golden standard of fitness tracking in this Garmin band, which is thinner than the brand's other models and also measures VO2 max.
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Day 7: November 7

If you're looking to fill more rooms with Alexa or planning on gifting the smart speaker for the holidays, now is the time to stock up. You'll save $50 when you buy three of the new, second-generation Echo devices, which boast better sound and a prettier design.
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Day 6: November 6

You can get this teeth-whitener for almost a third of the price.
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Day 5: November 5

An LED makeup mirror that's perfect for travel.
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Day 4: November 4

This nonstick cookware set is not only practical, but hella cute.
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Day 3: November 3

This smart remote works with Alexa for voice control.
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Day 2: November 2

These heavy-duty headphones come with a lifetime guarantee.
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Day 1: November 1

Watch all your favorite shows on Netflix and YouTube through this device.
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