Suddenly On Sale: All Of The Anthropologie Homewares We Love

Want to play a game? It's called Our Favorite Stuff On Sale, and the rules are super easy. We go to a website, look through the sale pages, and pick out the *IMHO* best buys. Today's featured store is Anthropologie, and we pulled some really good goods for you. With a lot of items at 40% off, the discount is almost as good as the product. Now it's your turn: Which of these are your favorites?
Browse on for our on-sale fantasy (and functional!) favorites.
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A collaboration with artist Dawn Vachon, this cute teacup (with matching bowl!) is so discounted its basically free. This will look very cute as a set or mismatched with what we're sure is your cute-fun drinkware collection.
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Have you ever thought about where the term "pillow sham" comes from? Well, we googled it, and it's from the word sham (which is a dialectical derivative of shame!) meaning "false front." So pillowcases are fakes... but this one is real cute.
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Not sure if our landlord would agree, but apparently these wallpaper strips are easily removable. We know they would look great on our living room wall.
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This duvet cover fits perfectly into our vision of a dream bedroom.
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Little concrete friends for your nightstand, your dining table, your holiday gift list... Fun colors, fun shapes, sturdy material, and friendly vibes.
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Perfect for wrapping up on the sofa and watching movies. The yellow keeps it cheery, even when it's raining ice outside.
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This rug will bring an organic warmth to any room, and it's on sale.
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Okay, this piece is pricey, but isn't she beautiful? If you've been holding out for a coffee table that's practical and still makes a statement, we suggest this one.
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Sconces can be challenging, because splurging on designer seems silly for a rented apartment. But they're a room-changing element if you go for an eye-catching style.
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Okay, okay, we don't know where we would hang a hammock either, but let's just dream a little okay? At least it's on sale.
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When you think about being a princess, does your dream world include subtly luxurious pillow covers? Ours does.
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These monogram mugs are the perfect gift for pretty much anyone in your life.
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Add some fancy knobs to an otherwise drab dresser, and — voilà —  it's exciting again.
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This covetable shower curtain is from Anthro's collab with Liberty London.
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There are about 50,000 ways to decorate with these super-versatile mirrors.
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That's right, wallpaper is cool again.