The Most Hydrating Winter Moisturizers For Every Skin Type

Winter brings with it the annual battle against the fluctuating external factors that turn your skin into a dehydrated shadow of its former glowing self. Why exactly does the most wonderful time of the year have such a negative impact on our complexions?
"Cool air, low humidity, cold winds and moving from warm central heating into the cold and back again can significantly dehydrate our skin," Dr. Johanna Ward, founder of ZENii Skincare, explains. "The main issue in autumn and winter is skin dehydration or lack of water. This is different to skin dryness, which refers to skin that lacks lipids or oil. Dehydration is when there is a lack of water in the stratum corneum, or outer layer of the skin. It can result in anything from sensitive skin and red cracked lips to rough, dry, and flaky skin."
We look to the finest day creams, moisturizers, and oils to pump life into our skin, while often forgetting that not all skin is the same. A heavy cream may work for the super dry among us, but overpower the oily. Where exactly should we start when tackling our skin this season?
For one, don't forget to exfoliate. "It’s critical to slough dead, dehydrated, dry skin," says Jamie O'Banion, cofounder of Beauty Bioscience. Once you've prepped the skin? "Look for a moisturizer with moisture-binding humectants that are especially helpful to soften skin’s texture and keep skin looking plump, firm and dewy," she says.
"Add in a powerful serum hydrator like hyaluronic acid to keep the skin moist and hydrated," Dr. Ward explains. "Changing your daily products – just as you would change your wardrobe – is beneficial in the cooler months. No matter what your skin type, rehydrating the skin needs to be your focus."
Now that we've got the basics down, click through to find the moisturizers — packed with hydrating acids, vitamins, and serums — for every skin type, ahead.