30 Halloween Costumes Only Online Daters Will Get

The world of online dating can sometimes be a scary one. Between ghosts, fuckboys, and catfish, there are lots of spooky things we wade through in order to get laid or find love. That's why we think that the wacky world of dating apps and swiping is perfect for Halloween. Why not combine two freaky things at once?
Ahead, we've rounded up a handful of costumes for the online daters of the world. Some are punny, some are creepy (unsolicited dick pic, anyone?), but all of them will make those of us looking for love online nod in recognition. And who knows? Wearing one of these might spark a conversation leading to an IRL connection.
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Is there anything scarier than a ghoster? This DIY costume is easy, but hilarious.
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Or if you'd rather be on-the-nose, go as a literal ghost and then just leave conversations halfway through all night.

Women's Jersey Ghost Costume, $29.99, available at Halloween Express.
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Slap on a name tag sticker that says "OK," and you're going as one of the most popular dating apps in the game.
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If you're really into DIY, let this extremely detailed Tinder profile costume be your guide.
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The only dick pic a lot of folks want to see this Halloween.
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Make sure you try this Grindr costume in a warm climate.
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Truly land this bumble bee costume by making the first move.

Bumble Bee Babe Womens Costume, $39.99, available at HalloweenCostumes.com.
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These women took all of the terrible texts men had sent them, put them on T-shirts, and celebrated Halloween as a couple of fuckboys.
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Perfect for those who love a good pun.
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Grab a pal, and go as the online dating community's favorite past time.
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Paint some whiskers on your face, and you've got yourself a catfish.

Women's Cozy Goldfish Costume, $44.99, available at HalloweenCostumes.com.
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A winning breakfast combo, but also an homage to another popular dating app.
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Fall is cuffing season, after all...

Yandy Lieutenant Ivana Misbehave Costume, $49.99, available at Yandy.
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Photos posing with sedated tigers are the ultimate dating app cliché, but it does make for a cozy costume.

Adult Tiger Costume, $49.99, available at HalloweenCostumes.com.
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Repurpose your costume from the height of The Hangover popularity by being the "The Kid Isn't Mine" guy on every single dating app.

Post Vega Costume, $31.99, available at Costumes Super Center.
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Swap out the axe for a bag of apples and a vintage camera, and you've got your very own "fall boyfriend."

Adult Lumberjack Costume, $24.99, available at HalloweenCostumes.com.
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Just make sure everyone knows it's Machu Piccu that you're hiking.
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Grab a white T-shirt and some construction paper, and you've got a last-minute Tinder costume.
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Everyone is looking for their "partner in crime," so why not go as one of history's most iconic duos?
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Or you and your S.O. can dress up as a couple of bank robbers for a less gendered option.
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Pizza: It's every online dater's go-to emoji to signify their favorite food.
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Is it just us, or has everyone on Bumble run a damn marathon?
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Emotional baggage: the one thing we try our hardest not to bring to our online dating experiences.
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"I'm into Crossfit, so I live a pretty healthy lifestyle."
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One of the biggest profile clichés of all time? "I'm a total travel bug!"
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We've all swiped on that guy who claims he's a feminist — until you turn him down for a drink.
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Because every woman on Tinder claims to be "a total nerd."
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No one loves a profile filled with selfies — but this costume is pretty amazing.
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Looking for your Tinderella? Well here she is.
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Because there must be a rule that every guy has to list whisky as an interest in his dating profile.