These Are The New Headphones And Cases To Pair With Your iPhone 8

The joy of getting a new iPhone isn't just about playing with all its fancy new features. It's also about deciding what extras you'll buy — or add to your holiday wish list — to accessorize the device.
Although most of the world didn't see the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus until Apple announced them on Tuesday, hardware makers have been busy anticipating and prepping for the latest unveil. Among the new offerings: Extra-shock resistant cases to qualm your fears of cracking the all-glass front and back, speedy wireless charging tools, and metallic headphones to match the new coppery gold option.
Ahead, a look at everything you can add to your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus to make it stand out, stay booted up, and survive drops and scratches.
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Beats is owned by Apple, so it only makes sense that the brand was set to unveil their wireless, on-ear headphones in new, iPhone-coordinating colors on Tuesday. Now available in sleek matte gold and matte silver, you can use the headphone's built-in controls to make calls, ask Siri questions, and switch songs.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, $299.95, available at Apple.
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If over-ear isn't your style, go with the in-ear BeatsX, which are also available in matte silver and matte gold. You won't get the same battery life as you will with the Solo3 (X offers up to 8 hours, which is significantly less than the maximum 40 hours you'll get with Solo3), but you will save money. Given the cost factor of the new iPhones themselves, sparing some dollars on new earphones might be a good idea.

BeatsX Earphones, $149.95, available at Apple.
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Photo: Casetify.
If you're looking for a fun pattern that still lets you see your iPhone 8's matte gold color and the Apple logo, Casetify is your best option. The company offers an almost endless array of designs for its clear snap and classic grip cases, so you can go for something that's as detailed or minimalist as you prefer.

Casetify, iPhone 8 Snap Case Sun Moon Stars, $35, available at Casetify.
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Speck is ringing in the launch of the iPhone 8 Plus with a new, metallic version of its bestselling Presidio case. One thing to note: This rose gold color doesn't match the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus's new gold hue, so buy the clear Presidio case instead if you want to see that. Both clear and metallic cases protect against drops of up to 10 feet, so you really won't need to worry about cracking the phone's front and back glass cover.

Speck Presidio Metallic iPhone 8 Plus Case, $49.95, available at Speck.
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My favorite part of Apple's leather cases is their microfiber inner lining. The soft, smooth material will keep your new, glass encased iPhone 8 protected and in like-new condition.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Leather Case, $49, available at Apple.
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Otterbox's cases are known for weathering daily fumbles: Drops, scratches, you name it. (Chalk it up to the over 238 hours of testing these cases endure.) This leather version has room for your subway pass or credit card.

Otterbox iPhone 8 Plus Strada Series Folio Case, $59.95, available at Otterbox.
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Charging the new iPhone is a wireless activity — finally! Mophie's high-speed wireless charging base complies with the universal Qi standard for wireless charging and promises to power up your device 50% faster than others.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base, Price TBD, sign up here for pre-order notifications.