Reformation Is Helping You Get More Wear Out Of Its Pieces

These days it feels like we're all trying to get more bang for our buck. In an effort to shop less but better (and more sustainably), you might find yourself spending a bit more on any given wardrobe piece., and along with that, you want to make sure you're getting enough wear out of that item to justify spending a pretty penny on it. With that in mind, one of our favorite sustainable brands, Reformation, is now offering styling tips on all the possible ways you can wear their wares.
If you follow the brand on Instagram, you may have noticed already. Designed to look like your friend is texting you to ask which outfir looks best, each gallery features the same Reformation piece — whether its a dress, a skirt, a top, or even one of the L.A. label's famous two-piece sets — styled three entirely different ways.
Sure, we're used to going to Instagram for styling inspiration and outfit ideas, and Ref has made it repeatedly clear that it doesn't just make throw-away clothes, but we have to admit, we like how straightforward and serviceable these posts are. To us, these styling tips brilliantly showcase the true message of shopping sustainably; buying quality clothing that you'll wear again and again instead of just tossing to the donate pile (or worse, the trash) after just one season.
This series isn't just a way to create interesting #content, it also shows that Reformation wants you think beyond trends and seasons, by encouraging you to wear your clothes over and over again, and get creative with your styling, instead of shoving the next new thing in our faces. This isn't about buying more and more but buying pieces that spark your imagination. And that's a shopping mantra we can get behind.
Click ahead for a few of our favorite how-to's, and we won't blame you if this is the final straw to get you to hit that "Checkout" button on a new Ref piece or two. And, if you style it just right, it looks like you might just get regrammed, too. Talk about a win, win.
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The Kirt Skirt 3 ways. #refstylingcloset

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Whether you style this mini with a tee and a beret or an equally itty-bitty crop top, it's going to turn some heads.

Reformation Kirt Skirt, $128, available at Reformation.
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The Madrid Dress 3 ways. #refstylingcloset

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Off-the-shoulder is still going strong, but here are a few fresh ways to wear it.

Reformation Madrid Dress, $218, available at Reformation.
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The Toulouse Top 3 ways. #refstylingcloset

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This is only the beginning of the endless ways this wrap-top could be styled.

Reformation Toulouse top, $128, available at Reformation.
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The Tennis Dress 3 ways. #refstylingcloset

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Proof that the polo dress is back in full force.

Reformation Tennis dress, $148, available at Reformation.
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The Work Pant 3 ways. #refstylingcloset

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Think a khaki pant isn't chic? Think again.

Reformation Work pant, $178, available at Reformation.
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The Courtney Two Piece 3 ways. #refstylingcloset

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Sometimes, accessories make all the difference.

Reformation Courtney Two-piece, $218, available at Reformation.
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