Proenza Schouler Debuts "Sister" Label

Photo: Brent N. Clarke/FilmMagic.
Although the designers behind New York-based label Proenza Schouler aren't that inspired by their city anymore, as WWD reports, they are adding their streetwear know-how to the wardrobe of New Yorkers everywhere: the lucrative world of jeans and T-shirts. Come November, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez will debut what they're calling their White Label, a "sister" line of casual wear staples. And, in even better news, they won't cost you the limbs that copping a dress or PS1 handbag from their main line do.
Not much is known about the collection so far, but it's the second in bold moves from the pair since bringing in a new CEO, and announcing they'd reformat how they present their collections each season. Starting with this upcoming Fashion Month, the brand will show their main and pre- collections together in Paris. Though they're not the only ones to move their show from New York to Paris, they're the first to try out the format, which aims to get more of their clothes in stores at the same time. Of course, Proenza Schouler has always considered their offerings of luxury basics to be part of their main collections, but now, they'll be sold separately, to make their fashions more accessible, and hopefully, boost business with more affordable options. For the record, graphic tees from the label can cost you upwards of $315.
In terms of designers who've made similar business moves, White Label is probably going to be a good idea, if the success and cult craze that surrounds T by Alexander Wang means anything. And, for those label loyalists out there, a Proenza Schouler white tee does sound chic as hell. But then again, a part of us feels like the other side of the story reveals a pair of designers who've (finally) realized that their clothes are just too dang expensive. In 2016, the duo "reassessed" their approach to their signature handbag line after seeing a decline in accessories sales across the industry. At the time of the report, their accessories collection made up half of their overall business.