3 Sweet & Savory Summer Sandwiches

Photographed by Jacqui Melville.
There's something undeniably satisfying about a sandwich. They remind us of those packed lunches mom used to make, back when we sat down in the school cafeteria to eat two slices of bread pressed together with a surprise in the center. No matter how old we get and how our palates change, we never seem to tire of whipping up and biting into a stack of meat, bread, cheese, and condiments. With the right recipe, they are affordable and easy to assemble. Plus, the texture, flavor combinations, and customizations are endless. And when you have places to go, people to see, deadlines to meet, and no extra time for cooking antics, sandwiches are the ideal solution for easy on-the-go fuel.
We're not talking about your standard PB&J or ham and cheese sandwiches (although we still love those OGs). We've got more grown up sammies top of mind. With a little help from Fern Green's inventive recipe book, Melts, we've lined up three sandwich stunners. These recipes cover savory to sweet flavor profiles, and even venture beyond breaded to a cauliflower-waffle stack. The ahead mashups are creative and crave-worthy — not to mention easily wrapped up in some aluminum foil, placed in your purse, and toted to where ever the sunny days ahead may take you. Scroll forth for a delicious dose of summer sandwich bliss!
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Photographed by Jacqui Melville.
Malty Nutella & Marshmallow
Makes 2 sandwiches

2 tbsp butter, at room temperature
4 slices white bloomer
2 1∕2 oz. / 1∕4 cup Nutella
9–14 marshmallows
Malt drink
13 1∕2 fl. oz. whole (full-fat) milk
6 heaped tsp Horlicks or Ovaltine

1. Butter the bread on one side right up to the edges, then turn the slices over. Spread the Nutella on all 4 slices of bread, then divide the marshmallows between 2 of them. Cover with the other slices of bread, butter-side up.

2. Heat a large frying pan (skillet) over a medium heat and place the sandwiches in the pan. Cook for 3 minutes, pressing down on the sandwiches with a spatula to help crisp up the bread. Flip them over and cook for a further 2–3 minutes until golden and crispy on the outside and the marshmallows have melted inside. Alternatively, cook the sandwiches in a toasted sandwich maker or panini press.

3. Make the malt drink by heating the milk in a saucepan, then mix the powder into the hot milk. Pour into mugs and dip your toastie at your leisure.

Recipes excerpted with permission from Melts by Fern Green, published by Hardie Grant Books April 2017, RRP $19.99 hardcover.
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Photographed by Jacqui Melville.
Cauliflower Waffles with Slow-Roasted Tomatoes & Cheese
Makes 2 waffle sandwiches

8 3∕4 oz. cauliflower, grated
4 1∕2 oz. / 1 cup grated firm mozzarella
3 1∕2 oz. / 1 3∕4 cup grated mature Cheddar
2 1∕4 oz. / 1 2∕3 cup grated Parmesan
2 large eggs
1 spring onion (scallion), finely chopped
1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp chopped chives
2 tbsp chopped parsley
2 large tomatoes, thickly sliced
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp olive oil
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

1. Put the grated cauliflower into a saucepan with 2 tbsp of water, bring it to the boil and cook until the water evaporates. The cauliflower pieces should be tender – if they’re still firm, add another tbsp of water and cook this water off too.

2. Put 3 1∕2 oz. of the mozzarella into the bowl of a food processor, along with the cooked cauliflower, Cheddar, Parmesan, eggs, spring onion, mustard, and herbs. Blend until smooth.

3. Heat up a waffle iron, then spoon in the batter, making sure not to overload it. Cook for about 8 minutes in an electric iron, or around 8 minutes on each side in a stovetop iron, until the waffles are crisp and golden.

4. Meanwhile, heat the grill (broiler) to a high heat. Lay the tomatoes on a baking sheet, sprinkle them with the sugar, drizzle over the olive oil and season. Grill for 10 minutes or until soft. Transfer the waffles to a plate and put the tomatoes on top of 2 of them. Sprinkle over the rest of the mozzarella and gently press the other waffles down on top. Serve straight away.

Recipes excerpted with permission from Melts by Fern Green, published by Hardie Grant Books April 2017, RRP $19.99 hardcover.
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Photographed by Jacqui Melville.
Smoked Bacon, Apple, & Cheese
Makes 1 sandwich

3 slices smoked streaky bacon
1 oz. Gouda, sliced
2 slices white sourdough bread
1 oz. mature Cheddar, sliced
1∕2 apple, sliced (preferably Granny Smith)
Freshly ground black pepper
1 tbsp butter, at room temperature

1. Cook the bacon either in a frying pan (skillet) or under the grill (broiler) until crispy.

2. Lay the Gouda on one slice of the bread, then add the bacon, Cheddar and sliced apple. Season with black pepper and top with the other slice of bread. Butter the top of the sandwich, then carefully turn it over and butter the other side.

3. Heat a griddle pan over a medium-high heat and lay the sandwich in the pan. Fry each side for 3 minutes or until the melt is crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle.

4. Alternatively, toast the sandwich in a toasted sandwich maker or panini press.

Recipes excerpted with permission from Melts by Fern Green, published by Hardie Grant Books April 2017, RRP $19.99 hardcover.
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Photographed by Jacqui Melville.
Melts by Fern Green, $5.75, available at Amazon.
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