3 Rude Misconceptions About Leos

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
As of this Sunday, July 23, Leo season will officially be upon us — is it already heating up in here, or is it just us? This fiery sign is said to stoke our passions and bring out the drama queen in all of us. But, is that all there is to the sign of the Lion?
Often referred to as the star of the Zodiac (it is ruled by the sun), this sign is easily reduced to a few general terms: self-centered, dramatic, aggressive. As anyone who is close to a Leo knows, that barely scratches the surface. People born under this sign are far more complex than their “starry” reputation makes them seem. For one thing, they don’t spend all their energy clamoring for attention.
As bold and open as people under this sign can be, one must take a closer look to know them as they truly are. Ahead, we’re correcting three of the worst first impressions people tend to get of Leos.
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They're way too blunt.

Leos’ trademark honesty can land them in some awkward situations. After all, not everyone appreciates hearing it “like it is.” But, for the most part, their openness isn’t merely an excuse to spout bald criticism. More accurately, your Leo friend is probably pointing out something that you just don’t want to face. Maybe you screwed up at work or really should’ve made plans sooner — as difficult as it is to hear, you’ll be better off owning up to these hard truths in the end. It’s simply Leo’s ruler, the sun, bringing everything to light.
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They need to be the center of attention.

Make no mistake — Leos rarely shy away from the spotlight. But, if they aren't prepared or completely sure of themselves in the moment, they'll probably pass the mic. And, the next time your Leo friend takes center stage, listen to what they're actually saying: More often than not, Lions will demand attention when they're offering advice or have a really good story to share. Members of this big-hearted sign can be incredibly generous, especially with their loved ones. If it feels like they’re taking up a ton of space, it’s because they want to share something that’s important to them with you.
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They need to tone it down.

Yes, Leos love to entertain — that’s one of the reasons they make great friends. But that same quality can make it difficult to connect with them on a deeper level. Believe it or not, your Leo friend's flair for the dramatic might be more of an act than an instinct. Lions tend to project an air of confidence, even haughtiness, but many find that exhausting by the end of the day. Ask your friend if they want to meet for coffee one-on-one — or, better yet, if they want to hang out at home. Ever the performers, Leos often feel like they need to match (and amplify) the energy that's already in the room. Spending time in a quiet, chill setting may bring out a totally different side of them.