Summer Shirt Trends Are The Myers-Briggs Test We Deserve

This summer, we have been blessed with an abundance of trendy tops: Rooftop happy hours are dominated by a sea of ruffles; Instagram feeds are filled with off-the-shoulder pieces, and music festival crowds are besieged with bandeaus. So it's time to answer that deep, burning philosophical question on everyone's minds: What drives these aesthetic allegiances?
Wonder no longer. Because one click ahead, and you'll be able to peer straight into the shirt-wearer's soul.
A quick note: It is quite possible that you own more than one of these shirts. And if so, congratulations! You are either a Clothing Chameleon, Too Complicated For Labels, or Someone Who Just Really Likes Shirts. Whatever the case may be, be proud of your closet and your style, and embrace it.
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The Gingham Crop Top
The gingham crop top is the uniform of the summer superhero. You're willing to wait in line for a free concert with only canned rosé for sustenance. Fearlessly, you scale the tallest buildings in town to get that perfect sunset Snapchat. In your eyes, sweat is just "nature's highlighter." Why? Because, as your Bumble bio clearly states, summer is your favorite season.

For Love & Lemons Gingham Crop Top, $92, available at Revolve.
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The Tube Top
Unlike most people, the thought of the inevitable return of 2000s era fashion does not fill the the tube top wearer's immortal soul with dread. You understand the tube top's underrated feature of preventing visible tan lines, and use the shirt's natural compression to avoid wearing a bra. Yes, that tube top feels extra constricting when you're two or three Choco Tacos deep. But if you close your eyes, the tightness makes you feel like you're a corset-bound Kiera Knightley in the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean — and who isn't down for a fashion fantasy that involves Orlando Bloom?

StyleNada Shirred Frill Trim Tube Top, $19, available at StyleNada.
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The Halter Top
The 2000s nostalgia runs strong with halter top wearers, too. Maybe you're inspired by The O.C.'s Marissa Cooper and her red halter top, or maybe you're just looking to subtly break out of the Eternal Crop Top Monopoly. Either way, you consider this your own private rebellion from the masses. Your crop top happens to tie in the back, thank you very much.

Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Remade Leather Halter Top, $44, available at Urban Outfitters.
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The Ruffled Top
We've already waxed poetic about the various implications of wearing ruffles. In brief: Ruffles are romantic and unapologetically over-the-top. If shirts were cakes, ruffles would be the fondant Ace of Cakes chef Duff Goldman uses to turn them into edible versions of the Hogwarts Express. Ruffles transform shirts into sculptures. They are not subtle, and neither are their wearers. God bless them.

H&M Ruffled Top, $29.99, available at H&M.
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The One-Shoulder Top
Okay, let's get the obvious out of the way. The one-shoulder top makes zero structural sense — is is completely lopsided, and it leaves the wearer with one arm enveloped and a literal cold shoulder. Some people may interpret the nonsensical construction of this shirt as a sign that the wearer has commitment issues, but we're noted fans of this summer style. In the words of the chanteuse of our times, Hannah Montana, it's really about getting the best of both worlds.

Steele X Revolve Wildflower Shoulder Top, $169, available at Revolve.