Exclusive: Lucy Hale Is Done Looking Pretty For The Boys

Lucy Hale has no interest in embracing a beauty look because a man might find it pretty. She's felt quite the opposite lately, in fact. "Short hair is empowering," the 28-year-old told Refinery29. "If you notice, more women appreciate short hair than men, so it's sort of a new way of looking at things for me."
For a time, the length of her hair had been contingent on her latest project, Life Sentence (her character has a lob), so when filming ended, she headed straight to her hairstylist's house. "I wrapped at 8 PM and I was at Kristin [Ess]' by 8:30," she says with a laugh. But her ear-length-again chop isn't scratching the itch like it used to: "I want a pixie cut," she says. "I feel like I'll always have short hair. I know it's very trendy right now, but I feel like this is just inherently who I am."
She makes it look easy, right? The whole self-assurance thing. Of course, the PLL alum didn't arrive on her first red carpet a woman with a firm idea of how to express herself — let alone one with nine rad ear piercings and (at least) as many tattoos. Over the past decade, she's gone from fresh-faced newbie to glam PLL star to what she is now: a woman who wants her hair short, her makeup minimal, her body adornment plentiful, and her lip color loud. So, a badass.
But don't take our word for it: We sat down with the Mark Cosmetics spokesperson and a stack of her most noteworthy looks — and asked for the highlights of her beauty journey, in her own words. Hale walks us through the hair, makeup, tats, and piercings she's tried along the way, ahead.