We Put Zodiac Fragrances To The Test — & These Are Our Honest Opinions

We're going to go ahead and bet you didn't know that astrologist Susan Miller has more followers on Twitter than The Real Housewives Of New York's Luann de Lesseps and Tinsley Mortimer combined. But now you do — and that fun fact proves one thing: The pull of the Zodiac is even greater than that of reality TV drama. Even the most skeptical among us can't help but hope our horoscope forecasting true love and career success is correct.
But attempting to align the universe with our fragrance collection complicates things. Do the stars really determine scent preference? Should you base your perfume purchases off of planetary positioning? Demeter — the brand behind zombie perfume and that kitten fur scent — seems to think so, and just launched an entire Zodiac collection to prove it.
Ahead, we investigated how the scents really pair with all 12 astrological signs.
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Personality traits: creative, compassionate, patient, sensitive

"Cancer is a highly imaginative sign — a descriptor I think fits this fragrance pretty well. It has notes of ylang ylang, vanilla, and burl wood, all of which combine in a really interesting way. It's one of those scents that you keep sniffing throughout the day in an attempt to put your finger on exactly what you're smelling. Demeter claims it's meant to act like a 'talisman of sorts to keep its wearer feeling assured and secure,' and I will say the warm vanilla does feel familiar and safe in a very good way. " — Mi-Anne Chan, beauty writer

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Cancer, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: courageous, loyal, playful, dramatic

"I secretly hoped this would be the best boldest of the bunch, and I wasn't that far off: The white musks are subtle on the first whiff, but the fragrance opens up to be a warm, spicy blend of black myrrh and pepper that lingers on skin — kind of like Yves Saint Laurent's Opium, which also just so happened to be my abuela's signature scent. It commands the attention that I, as a Leo, certainly don't shy away from." — Kelsey Castañon, beauty news editor

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Leo, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: hard-working, practical, organized, witty

"I've never thought of myself as a textbook Virgo. This sign is always described as a perfectionist who loves nothing more than cleaning her home top to bottom. Not exactly me. However, Demeter's description nails it, in theory, with 'caring, kind, loyal.' In reality, it wasn't a match.

"To me, it smelled like Gap Dream, with a hint of honeysuckle. Don't get me wrong, I loved the good old '90s Gap Dream... when I was 10. This scent is a little too sweet and innocent for my liking as an adult. It does have Gap Dream's musky base notes (and do I detect a drift of carnation?), which make me ridiculously nostalgic, but that's where the affection ends." — Natalie Gontcharova, lifestyle news writer

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Virgo, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: balanced, sincere, generous

"Initially, the fragrance was much stronger than one I'd normally wear. Once I tried it on the insides of my wrists, I enjoyed the scent a lot more — it's muskier, and has an earthiness that I can hang with. But overall, I don't think it gives off the kind of balancing vibes us Libra-types are into." - Diana Cenat, first impressionist

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Libra, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: magnetic, passionate, strong

"Let's be honest, I already feel determined, powerful, and resilient, so finding a fragrance that claims to make me feel more of these things was intriguing. My first impression was that it smelled like my grandma, but nevertheless, I sprayed it on my wrists and down the front of my dress to really be soaked in the scorpio scent.

"I was pleasantly surprised that it was less, uh, mature and more like taking that first bite out of a piece of Big Red chewing gum — a bit intense at first, then something I could see myself settling into and wearing on a regular basis. I'm not sure if it amped up any of my classic scorpio traits, but I'll wear it for awhile to see if there are any long-term effects." — Sarah Halliday, managing editor for Snapchat Discover

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Scorpio, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: optimistic, adventurous, encouraging, honest

"As a Sagittarius, I really love to travel and this scent makes me want to get on a plane and go somewhere. It reminds of me of the Amalfi Coast and the souks of Marrakesh because it’s bright and floral but also spicy. I also get a strong whiff of amber, which is sensual and one of my favorite scents. This might just be my new go-to perfume." — Melissa Katz, content strategy editor

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Sagittarius, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: fearless, honest, reliable, ambitious

"I thought my scent was soft but firm. It was perfect for professional settings, where Capricorns are most likely to be, without being too overbearing." — Sesali Bowen, entertainment writer

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Capricorn, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: 0pen-minded, friendly, fair, logical

"Aquarians get a bad rap for our tendency to overanalyze. Maybe that's because, despite that whole 'aqua' part in our name, we are air signs, not water. Confusing. However, this scent gave me hints of both: It's light, but its neroli and violet notes somehow reminded me of the ocean. Or maybe it was the cedar and oud. Ugh, see what I mean?" - Khalea Underwood, beauty writer

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Aquarius, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: dreamer, creative, romantic, wistful

"Pisces are usually go-with-the-flow artistic types who are compassionate and sensitive to other's feelings, which fits me pretty well. So when it came to this fragrance, I expected it to smell sweet but with an aquatic, watery component because pisces are fish. I wasn't disappointed — it smelled just as I figured it would, like a garden at the edge of a pond.

"Although, according to a co-worker who gave it a whiff, it smelled more green in the bottle than it did on my skin, so my body chemistry seemed to give the scent more warmth. I'd totally wear this throughout the spring and summer, and since I'm on the cusp of Aries, I'd layer it over something warm and spicy, like peppercorn or cardamom blended with amber for a sweet finish, for the colder months." — Valis Vicenty, beauty writer for Snapchat Discover

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Pisces, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: energetic, bold, passionate, proud

"I normally wouldn't wear a scent like this — but because it was made for my sign, I trusted that it was going to fit my personality. And it did! I usually go for a more sweet or citrusy scent, but I really like how spicy and smoky this smelled. It made me feel confident, especially when I was pitching an idea to my co-workers. There's a seriousness about it that complements my professional demeanor." — Serena Kerrigan, production assistant

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Aries, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: Supportive, romantic, dedicated, stubborn

"This fragrance aims to capture the sensual sign in its earthiest, most grounded form, with deep, spicy notes of black musk, cedar wood, and pine. Being the shrewd, perceptive Taurus that I am, this particular formula is just way too strong for my sensitive nose — but it does remind me of one of my favorite perfumes, Diptyque’s Eau Duelle, so it has that going for it." — Rachel Krause, beauty writer

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Taurus, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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Personality traits: outgoing, expressive, contemplative

"Upon first sniff, I really thought this Gemini scent smelled like an expensive hotel room or spa — like some sort fancy linen spray or fabric softener. Or maybe a mojito? It's a light, fresh, slightly sweet scent overall, which I suppose fits with an air sign. I don't take my horoscope seriously at all, but I do fall into many of the traditional Gemini traits — and was pleasantly surprised by how this suited my own tastes in fragrance, which are usually light citrus and floral blends. Even though it veers a little on the sweet side, it's certainly not offensive and goes nicely with the fun, sunny disposition of most Geminis." — Lauren Thomson, senior editor for Snapchat Discover

Demeter Zodiac Eau de Toilette Spray Gemini, $40, available at Demeter Fragrance.
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