The Coolest New Skin-Care Brands You Haven't Heard Of Yet

While you were stocking up on your go-to moisturizer for the fifteenth time, you might have missed the crop of exciting new skin-care brands that dropped over the past couple of months. (That, or maybe you just had more important things to worry about, like whether or not you’re losing your health care this year. The unfortunate truth is that no number of serums can put an end to your pre-existing condition.)
Formulated with organic, innovative ingredients and poured into packaging that’ll look perfect displayed on your dresser just so, they belong to the new guard of beauty products: based in nature and appealing to the part of you that worries about parabens and propylene glycol, with ingredients that are as clean as the sans serif font on the bottle.
Ahead, four of the best new brands that have stolen our hearts (and our wallets) so far this summer. Trust, you’ll want to snap them up ASAP before everyone else does — there’s nothing like being in-the-know to better your Instagram feed and irrationally boost your self-esteem.
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A modern minimalist’s dream, this brand is more than just its fashionably austere packaging: The wide range of gender-neutral skin and hygiene products offers a formula for nearly every need at a relatively reasonable price point. Its Super Body Scrub is the perfect middle ground of an intense exfoliant that’s still gentle on sensitive skin.

M/F Super Scrub Body, $18, launching 6/20 at M/F.
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This non-foaming shave cream will leave you with softer, smoother skin than a traditional gel formula, and the antibacterial tea tree will fend off ingrown hairs.

M/F Tea Tree Shave Cream, $18, launching 6/20 at M/F.
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The Buff
Like a snare trap for the Instagram generation, this line customizes each and every bottle of its cold-pressed oil blends based on your individual concerns, then monograms it with your initials. Bonus points for the 120 mL size — considering you only need a few drops for your entire face, the bottle will last for ages.

The Buff Customized Face Oil, $38, available at The Buff.
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Once you switch to using hydrating oils instead of cream moisturizers, it’s hard to go back. Much like the face oils, the body version comes personalized to your individual needs, including scars and stretch marks.

The Buff Customized Body Oil, $38, available at The Buff.
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Now you can take your love for smoothies into the shower, too. This just-launched brand’s body scrub centers around what’s essentially a green juice you can use head-to-toe for smoother, healthier skin. With kale, cucumber, flaxseed, spinach, and ginger among the ingredients, it pretty much is your favorite green juice (and smells the part), though eating it is not advised.

Fytt Hit Restart Detoxifying Body Scrub Treatment, $54, available at Fytt Beauty.
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This refreshing followup to the original scrub is on its way, complete with another edible-sounding ingredients list containing ginger, carrot, orange, celery, and apricot seed.

Fytt Boost Energy Energizing Body Scrub Treatment, $54, coming soon to Fytt Beauty.
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This indie brand takes clean, green beauty to a whole new level by becoming the first skin-care line on the market to use Gas Chromatoraphy/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing, known as the "gold standard" in forensic substance identification, to ensure that no ingredients are tainted with additives or preservatives. Soothing aloe vera and oil-balancing sea salt are the star players in this gentle, refreshing cleanser.

Oille Watermelon + Sea Salt Facial Milk, $68, available at Oille.
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You’ll find all the most buzzed-about anti-aging ingredients in this lightweight antioxidant serum, including rosehip, evening primrose, goji berry, sandalwood, and vitamin E.

Oille Cranberry + Green Tea Facial Serum, $138, available at Oille.
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