Who Got Kicked Off The Bachelorette Last Night?

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In essence, The Bachelorette is all about success in true love. But in practice, the show features a lot more love losses than love wins. Every season has one proposal and, if we're lucky, one happy ending. Every season also has up to 30 heartbreaks of varying degrees. Rachel Lindsay has to pick her favorite suitor out of 31 men from all across the country. This means that 30 men will be pulverized by the pitfalls of true love. Cue the sappy violin music.
So, if you're one to enjoy heartbreak — and who isn't? Schadenfreude is real! — The Bachelorette is the best purveyor in town. Every episode features epic melodrama in the form of a rose ceremony. Who stays doesn't really matter, not until the final episodes. What matters is who goes. What cocksure man in too-tight pants will be stunned that he doesn't receive a rose? Farewell, dear fellow, Rachel Lindsey is done with you!
For every episode of the show, we'll update this list of who didn't receive a rose and/or took their leave of the show that night. That means the surprise dismissals in the middle of episodes, the "I'm done with this" towel-throwers, and the guys who simply don't receive a rose. Miss an episode of the best reality show on television? We've got you covered. Come hither, and find out who got eliminated this week.
Alert: Ahead be spoilers for Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette. You've been warned.
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Dean, Week Eight

Was Dean ever a frontrunner? It's difficult to tell. The audience always loved him — he's a delight on Twitter — but it's unclear if Rachel was ever that into him. Perhaps she was just interested in this 26-year-old for his positive attitude. After all, he's pretty hard not to like. Farewell, Dean. (See you in Paradise, presumably.)
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Adam, Week Seven

Towards the end of their tenure, Matt and Adam amounted to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Who? Neither one of them had ever had a one-on-one date, so hometown dates seemed unlikely. Still, he seemed cool. Bye, Adam! See ya in Paradise, maybe?
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Matt, Week Seven

Matt, part two of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Who? also left in the pre-hometown date episode. Because, let's be honest, if the fans don't know who you are, it's not likely Rachel (or the producers) are all that into you.
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Kenny, Week Six

Kenny needed to go home, but we mourned his loss anyway. After facing off with evil Lee the episode before, he left of his own accord, citing the need to be with Mackenzie, his daughter. We loved you Kenny, but you loved your daughter more, and we totally understand.
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Will, Week Six

Oh, how we wanted Will to work out. He was good at basketball. He read six books a day! (According to Peter.) Strangely, though, Will petered out in Oslo. He seemed disinterested in Rachel on his one-on-one, even when he insisted that his love language was physical touch. She said "Bye" on that date, and we shook our heads. Another good-seeming guy turned out to be a dud.
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Alex, Week Six

We thought he looked like a hunkier version of Jon Hamm. Rachel Lindsay thought he was sweet, but fell short, and Alex left when the group was in Oslo.
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Josiah, Week Five

Josiah seemed like a catch: He was a lawyer, and he was dedicated to loving Rachel. Except, as Rachel pointed out, he wasn't dedicated to getting to know Rachel. He never asked her any questions and stuck to general you're-so-amazing monologues. Men, heed this advice: Ask. Your. Dates. Questions.
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Anthony, Week Five

Despite his seemingly lovely horse-riding date through the shops of Beverly Hills, Anthony couldn't get the Bachelorette's attention. He seemed like a smart, sweet, affable guy. He's just not Rachel's smart, sweet, affable guy.
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Jack Stone, Week Four

After being mocked on Twitter for his murderous glare, Jack Stone went home during a 1-on-1 with Rachel. (Rumor has it he'll make his way to paradise. Hopefully, he will provide more opportunities for murderous memes.)
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Iggy, Week Four

Iggy loved to gossip more than he liked Rachel, methinks. The Chicago native cried on his way out, which was a little upsetting. Don't cry, Iggy! You can go gossip somewhere else! (Like, say, and office?)
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Jonathan, Week Four

The tickle monster — who is actually a pediatrician, mind you — said goodbye during the rose ceremony, but not without a final tickle.
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Diggy, Week Three

Diggy, the Chicago-based lover of the sartorial arts, didn't get a rose in the fourth episode. (The rose ceremony occurred at the beginning of the episode.) An entire country mourned. (Or maybe just the offices of Refinery29.)
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Bryce, Week Three

The firefighter who exhibited transphobia in his initial ABC profile — thankfully — didn't get a rose in the fourth episode.
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Brady, Week Three

Brady, the male model who taught Rachel the "booger roll," was never going to make it far in The Bachelorette. But what hair! Brady, we'll remember your hair.
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Fred, Week Two

Poor Frederic never stood a chance. A former classmate of Rachel's, the Dallas native struggled to escape his "bad little boy" confines. And more importantly, the Bachelorette couldn't get past the fact that he was once an ill-behaved third grader. Rachel Lindsay sent Fred off in the middle of a group date, but not before he landed a single awkward kiss on our leading lady.
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Lucas "Whaboom," Week Two

Rachel Lindsay had no time for Lucas the Whaboom, a gag of a contestant there only for the sake of entertainment. After playing referee between Lucas and fellow contestant Blake E., the Bachelorette bid a swift goodbye to them both, never to endure the word "whaboom" ever again.
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Blake E., Week Two

Blake E. — with his compatriot Whaboom — left with what is perhaps the most asinine exit of all time. The "aspiring drummer" faced off in a battle of sophomoric insults with Lucas. All of it was meaningless because, hey, the two were already kicked off the show.

Although, we did get this gem of a line from Blake E.: "Honk, honk, fart joke."
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Jamey, Week Two

Jamey is known only for his plaintive assertion in the premiere that though he was wearing a $2,000 suit, he had not yet had a chance to talk to Rachel. Money doesn't get you everywhere, pal.
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Grant, Week One

The emergency physician took his leave after the first rose ceremony.
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Kyle, Week One

We hardly knew ye, Kyle.
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Blake K., Week One

Blake K. left with good tidings — he insisted that the remaining men were awesome, and would make for a good season. Thanks, Blake!
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Milton, Week One

Despite having lots of cool clothes, Milton did not receive a rose on week one.
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Mohit, Week One

Mohit struggled to speak to Rachel during the cocktail party; as such, it wasn't surprising that he went home on the first episode.
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Rob, Week One

Rob, a law student, didn't make it past the first episode.
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Jedidiah, Week One

Jedidiah came bearing biblical quotes. Alas, the good book didn't do him justice — Rachel neglected to give him a rose at the first ceremony.
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Mike, Week One

Mike brought a brownie to Rachel Lindsay on the first episode. Unfortunately, as she stated later in the episode, Rachel doesn't like chocolate. So, your brownie is no good, here, Mike. Au revoir!
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