Twitter Came For Trump's "Witch Hunt" Tweet & The Responses Are Wicked

Photo: AP Photo/Susan Walsh.
As is his wont, President Trump took to Twitter today, this time to decry the launch of a special counsel to investigate his campaign's possible ties to Russia. "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history," he wrote, punctuating his statement with an exclamation point.
The good people of Twitter were quick to point out that, in the most objective sense, Trump was mistaken in his claim. The most magical users reminded him that the greatest witch hunt in history actually went down back in the 17th century in Salem, Massachusetts.
A quick history lesson: Between 1692 and 1693, 150 people (mostly women) were accused of witchcraft, which was a huge deal in Puritan New England. Those who ended up on trial faced ruined reputations, imprisonment, and execution. It's from this moment in history that we got the term "witch hunt." And yes, it has been used to describe political conflicts in the past (see: McCarthyism, birtherism) — but we'd argue that in the contest of the greatest "witch hunt" in American history, this investigation probably doesn't hold up.
In the name of every American witch, warlock, and regional coven, we've rounded up some of our favorite Salem-related responses to President Trump's tweet, including one from the congressman who represents Salem.