10 Girl Scout Cookie-Flavored Products For When This Year's Thin Mints Run Out

Spring is in the air — and we're not mad about it. But, while these warmer months mark the start of a new sunny season, they also mark the beginning of the sad end of Girl Scout Cookie season. By now, many die-hard fans have consumed their packs of Tagalongs and Samoas. We've already reached futilely into that empty space in our freezers where the Thin Mints box used to be. Yes, the flowers may be in bloom and the birds may be singing, but our cupboards are cookie-bare and the corners of our mouths are crumb-free. The sweet Samoas residue no longer sticks to our fingers. And this is something that we're mad about.
So in an effort to cling to our cookies across the changing seasons, we rounded up all the Girl Scout cookie-flavored products on the market. From cereal to ice cream, coffee creamer, gum, and more — we've got ten delectable Girl Scout goods to hold you over until next year. Scroll on and stock up.