Hailey Baldwin’s Latest Bling Is Very Unexpected

We've seen a lot of beauty comebacks this year. First, lip gloss was revived from the deep, dark corners of our middle school bathrooms and Claire’s backstock. Same for hair bows. And now, it seems as though another accessory is resurfacing and we bet you won’t guess what it is — or better yet, who’s trying to bring it back around. Enter: teeth jewelry.
Now, to give credit where credit is very much due, this is clearly a minimalist take on gold caps and grills popularized in the ‘80s, largely by the hip hop community. And even in the decades after that, rappers like Paul Wall, Ludacris, and Lil Jon are just a small fraction of the men and women who rocked teeth bling during its rise.(And the history of grills even predates them.)
While only a few celebrities still openly rock the glistening accessory, it seems as though a new, daintier version is making its way around Instagram, starting with Hailey Baldwin, who opted for three teeny diamonds. But she's certainly not the first (Katy Perry has a gold, Nike symbol on her back tooth and Rihanna has her own gold bar).
And it appears the look is only picking up steam. Check out some recent examples in the slides ahead.