Zara Fans Will Love This Just-As-Trendy & Affordable Retailer

Shopping fatigue is real, y'all, but no moment does it truly sink in than when you just got paid, are totally in the mood to treat yourself to a new dress or pair of shoes, and just can't find anything to buy. You know that feeling: When you log-on to a site where you usually "add to cart" like it's nobody's business, but instead, everything just blurs together? That's why, every now and then, we're on-the-hunt for some exciting, fresh retailers that'll help curve those online-shopping cravings.
Enter: Pomelo, the new Asian site for all of your affordable-fashion satisfaction. While we strive to make a conscious effort to buy less and buy smarter, sometimes, we just can't resist a good deal, like a $23 slip dress or $6 earrings. This is the kind of place that'll fill the same craving Zara does for all things fast, cheap, and on-trend, without the worry that everyone else will have the same exact pieces as you. Click on to see some of our favorite items, and never feel bored by a store's selection again.
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Pomelo Jenna Straight Leg Jeans, $39, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Kairi Oversized Shirt Dress, $43, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Anong High Heels, $70, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Tabby Suspender Jumper, $35, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Kiera Ruffle Hem Slip Dress, $23, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Ida Plaid Cropped Pants, $35, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Jenna Stripe Shirt, $31, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Carly Pleated Dress, $39, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Maybelle Glen Plaid Tie Skirt, $35, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Jade High Waisted Pant, $45, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Jasmine One Shoulder Grommet Dress, $50, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Marble Hoop Earrings, $6, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Chain and Hoop Earrings, $11, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Evalina Wide Sleeve Shirt, $24, available at Pomelo.
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Pomelo Izabel Trench Coat, $62, available at Pomelo.