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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
Calling all romantics! You can return to your regularly scheduled programming this week — and unleash that spring fever at last. On Tuesday, the annual full moon in Libra lights up the skies, churning up everyone's urge to merge. Libra is the partnership sign so these moonbeams may illuminate the perfect person to play the role of your other half. Existing relationships can come back into harmony under Libra's balancing beams. But equality doesn't mean splitting everything 50/50. Great partnerships play to each person's strengths. That's how you'll form the ultimate dream team.
On Saturday, there's more happy news for the heartfelt (and heartsick). Love planet Venus, who has been moonwalking through a retrograde since March 4, flips back into direct motion. After six weeks of slower libidos and missed (or stalled) connections, Cupid's arrows start hitting the target again. With Venus backspinning in fantasy-fueled Pisces since April 2, some people got sold on an illusion instead of seeing a love interest for who they really are. The veil lifts now, but that doesn't mean the fantasy has to die. With Venus powering forward through Pisces until April 28, the question now becomes, "Can I accept the 'for better' and the 'for worse?'" Everyone has a shadow side, a bad hair day, and a moody moment. The realness can actually be intimate and sweet. But if someone's issues fall into a more problematic category (untreated addiction, narcissism, patriarchal vibes), find the nearest exit hatch, open your parachute, and fly free!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
March 21 to April 19

Ready to make it a double? Tuesday's full moon in Libra falls in your seventh house of partnerships, bringing developments in the dynamic duo department. It’s possible your (now not-so-secret) crush is totally feeling the same way about you. (Yassss!) Or maybe you’ll realize your current relationship is missing some necessary sparks. If you’ve been sticking around with an S.O. who isn’t as significant as they should be, this could be your cue to exit stage left. A business partnership could blossom — or run its course. If you part ways, try to do so on good terms. No sense burning a bridge over this. You might even be friends down the road or work together again. (And cue up these cathartic Netflix picks for getting over your ex instead of drunk-texting a potential side piece.)

Saturday's forecast will bring some major relief as Venus ends a romance-zapping retrograde. The planet of love and desire has been in a backspin since March 4, even reverse-commuting through Aries until April 2. And for the past couple weeks, your 12th house of hidden agendas has been rocked. Did an ally turn out to be a frenemy? An untrustworthy person may have shown their true colors, shaking you up. Or maybe you found yourself squabbling with bae a little too often. Although there may be a little fallout to deal with, the worst is over this weekend. Focus on making amends or moving on! And take heart: From April 28 to June 6, Venus will power forward through Aries again, bringing a long overdue rush of spring fever. Start prepping those date night outfits!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
April 20 to May 20

Hold that plank pose! Tuesday’s full moon in Libra lights up your wellness zone. How is that spring training coming along, anyways? Movie marathons don't count as exercise, alas, but flipping through these Instagram feeds will bring all the fitspiration you need to rise up from your beloved sofa. Commit yourself to new classes, a fabulous yoga studio, or some one-on-one time with a trainer. Or do some hip dips right from the edge of your couch. The full moon could also bring illuminate new work opportunities. Talk to your boss or HR about positions opening up at the company; or, be proactive and write up a job description that you can pitch to the powers-that-be over the next two weeks.

On Saturday, collaborative efforts get a helpful dose of cosmic fairy dust as your ruler, harmonizer Venus, snaps out of a six-week retrograde. She's been on a reverse commute since March 4, which, since April 2, has affected your 11th house of group activity. Confidantes and cohorts you thought you could count on have flaked out or basically disappeared. Hey, maybe they were just busy. But as of this weekend, it's time to get the band back together — and start holding auditions if you need replacements, so to speak. With Venus back on track, at least try to iron out the group dynamics before giving anyone the boot. If your love life felt a little platonic for the past few weeks, never fear. There may soon be a benefits package to add to a friend-zoned connection, while coupled Bulls will feel inspired to get more experimental and adventurous again.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
May 21 to June 20

Get ready for some heart-opening moments, Gemini. Tuesday's full moon in Libra blooms in your fifth house of love. You deserve the whole enchilada when it comes to wooing: candlelit dinners, spicy sexting, and invariably, the mind-blowing orgasms. But forget about waiting for someone else to initiate. These bold moonbeams want you to play the lead. A secret admirer could step forward, or you could get those "certain feelings" about someone from the friend zone. Ready to put a ring on it — or a bun in the oven? This fertile full moon could bring a proposal or pregnancy. And if you're not ready to rock any cradles, well, don't ignore all those "safety first" lessons, kay?

The love fest continues into the weekend as Venus snaps out of a retrograde that began on March 4. Setting plans for your future hasn’t been the easiest task for the last six weeks. But all of that changes come Saturday as Venus corrects course. In a relationship? Spend Sunday morning in bed, talking about dreamy plans for your shared future. (Traveling to Coachella…or Cuba? Cohabitation?) Single Gems can now clarify who and what you want after this cycle of confusion. If you’ve had tension with a coworker or delays on a project, you'll notice that clearing up after Saturday. Phew!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
June 21 to July 22

Is your humble abode in need of an upgrade, Cancer? Tuesday’s Libra full moon shines in your domestic zone and could give you the DIY bug. Slipping off from work for an IKEA trek might be the best decision you make early this week. With Mercury retrograde until May 3, stick to storage hacks and new cushions instead of playing Extreme Makeover: Cancer Edition. Ready to relocate to new digs? Your dream chateau could appear within two weeks of this lunation. Maybe you’re thinking of adding a roomie, a pet, or your S.O? Put it all on the table, Cancer — and don't be surprised if a quick peek at that animal shelter means coming home with a furry friend.

This Saturday, you'll be spurred into action on some longstanding dreams — at last! Finding that motivation hasn't been the easiest since March, when cosmic creatrix Venus turned retrograde. Even if you weren’t totally thrown off course, some of your goals got put on pause. With Venus correcting course, you can get plans back on track for that startup venture, media project, or teacher-training trip to Costa Rica. Have you been dying to have some real talk with a loved one? After Saturday, Venus will add a proper dose of diplomacy to your words. Create a safe (and private) space for a heart-to-heart; then, spill.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
July 23 to August 22

Who are these people you call "squad," Leo? When it comes to your royal court, some people stay and others go. Tuesday’s full moon in Libra and your third house of amigos will bring answers about where to file certain folks. Full moons reveal what’s been hidden, and you could discover that someone has totally been going to bat on your behalf! A gesture of gratitude is in order here, so treat that friend or coworker to a nice dinner or an appreciative little gift. If someone has been keeping info from you or going behind your back, these moonbeams will reveal the snake in sister's clothing. Deploy the breakup without hesitation. Certain relationships may have simply fallen out of equilibrium. The balancing beams of this full moon help you restore harmony and a fair way of sharing the power and responsibility. Avoid accusations here: Your other half might not even realize that things have veered off course.

On Sunday, say sayonara to the head trips and control issues. They've been going down since March 4, when amorous Venus turned retrograde — and even more so since April 2, when she retreated into your eighth house of sex, power, and domination. Oof! Maybe your own jealous side made an unceremonious appearance or a toxic ex popped up and lured you back in. Good news: Your head and heart will be screwed on straight again as of Saturday. If trust issues did surface, you'll now be able to work through them diplomatically. Unclench your own iron fist if you've been the controlling one (cough). Now is your time to repair any rifts or move forward with more reliable candidates.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
August 23 to September 22

Ready to make it rain, Virgo? Tuesday could usher in a downpour of dollars as the full moon in Libra lights up your second house of finances. Big opportunities could be incoming in the two weeks that follow, especially if you've been hustling diligently this year. Step into a new challenge, even if you're a little scared or apprehensive about the leap. Remember: No one nails a new job right away; there’s always a learning curve. Circulate your resume or throw your name in the nomination pool for a promotion at the office. Perfectionism has no place in this process! Looking for a raise? This is your chance to pop the question. Prepare a polished pitch by outlining all of your credentials and accomplishments in one easy-to-read document or email.

On Saturday, it's "forward march!" again when it comes to your dynamic duos. Amorous Venus wraps up her six-week retrograde in your house of partnerships, helping you get back into the twosome groove. Since March 4, you may have had difficulty meeting your S.O. on common ground or even finding the time to have a love life. The attraction factor may have plummeted and more fights could have occurred. But if there once were sparks, they can be ignited again. With Venus correcting course, this weekend is a fine time to reconcile…in bed. If an old flame appeared this spring, you'll now see 'em through a clear lens, not rose-colored glasses. But hey, if you can handle the whole package — including the "for worse" — this could be the restart of a beautiful sequel. Or the wake-up call you need to finally move on.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
September 23 to October 22

Ready for your spotlight dance, Libra? On Tuesday, 2017's only full moon in your sign fires up your star power. Break out your boldest moves. This is your moment to shine! Shameless self-promotion is not only okay'd — it's advised. Save the humble part of your brag for another day and let the world know how awesome you are. A creative block could finally be shattered, so plan on spending at least an hour of Tuesday journaling, meditating, or even making a vision board. (A picture says a thousand words). Stalled passion projects may finally get the green light to go full speed ahead. Is there something you've been dying to try or learn? Invest in the experience — especially if doing so will be good for your résumé or your future tell-all memoir.

Thought you'd race off for a weekend of partying? Not so fast. For the past six weeks, your ruling planet, decadent and romantic Venus, has been in a sluggish retrograde. But on Saturday, she'll make a U-turn back into direct motion, blowing the whistle on hedonism or any messy habits that have crept back in. Whether it’s a metaphorical or literal decluttering, on Saturday, you’ll be rolling up your sleeves. With Venus powering forward through Pisces and your house of organization until April 28, you won't be able to stand those dust bunnies. Start by attacking your closets, eliminating these 30 items, and trying out a new shelving system. While you're at it, spring clean that emotional baggage by addressing any issues you've swept under the rug with friends, family, or your forever-after love. As Venus recommends, honesty — with tons of compassion and diplomacy — is the best policy.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
October 23 to November 21

Spilling tea or sipping lemonade? Engaging in either can be a slippery slope for a Scorpio. It's time to move on from those negative situations and bring your focus to a positive place. And Tuesday's full moon in Libra and your 12th house of transitions can help you do just that. Wave the white flag instead of struggling to make an impossible situation work. You've put in some hard work and your efforts have not been a fail. After all, they brought some important learning experiences, despite the fact that they didn't turn out as you hoped. It's time to move on. That might mean closing one door for good or simply allowing a relationship or situation to evolve in a new direction. Keep your eyes peeled for a mentor who can guide you toward a more fulfilling path. Invest in coaching, therapy, or an expert consultation that can speed your path to fulfillment over the coming month.

On Saturday, you can finally turn off those fog lights, Scorpio! Love planet Venus snaps back on track after six weeks of retrograde action. For the past two weeks, it’s been reversing through your fifth house of romance, which has certainly brought some waves to the sea of love. Maybe you got hung up trying to figure out "next steps" or sidetracked by the sudden appearance of a tantalizing (but troublesome) ex. For some Scorpios, Venus' backspin gave you a chance to plunge into the conflict and try to sort it out. A creative solution is likely to appear before April 28. No more waffling — you can now move full speed ahead in the right direction…one that works for you.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
November 22 to December 21

You've never been one to limit yourself, Sagittarius — and that is especially true when it comes to your squad. Your ever-expanding crew could gain some fresh recruits with Tuesday’s full moon in Libra in your 11th house of teamwork. Keep an open-door policy, but don't be surprised to discover simultaneously that you no longer mesh with a certain crowd. Seeking kindred spirits? Within two weeks of this full moon, you could meet the exact group of peeps you’ve been dying to hang out with. The 11th house is also the tech sector of the chart. An online business idea could become a new side hustle or maybe you'll step into the role of YouTube celeb. Some Sagittarians could find their spring-summer S.O. through a dating app. Click and ye shall find.

On Saturday, peace-loving Venus wakes up after a six-week retrograde. Time to restore harmony you’re your inner circle, Sagittarius — even if you've been fighting since the 2016 election. With love planet back on track, you can find common ground with relatives or get back in sync with your roomies. Burn the sage, clear the air, and bury the hatchet if you've been fighting with one of your best GFs. Ready to give your decor some love? Start with cleaning all your closets and setting up storage systems. When Mercury turns direct on May 3, you can do the more creative stuff like painting a wall fuchsia or investing in that Anthropologie dream bedding, pillow shams and all.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
December 22 to January 19

Moving on up, Cap! Tuesday’s stunning full moon in Libra lights up your 10th house of ambition, helping you leap up the ladder of success. You’re not one to rest on your laurels, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for profitable, reputable opportunities. And in the two weeks that follow, they could happen basically anywhere from the subway platform to the morning latte line. If you feel a spark of synergy, strike up a conversation. If that goes well, make a coffee date. It never hurts to explore! And mine your contact list for potential networking opportunities. If you love your current gig, show your company just how committed you are! Higher-ups will notice your devotion and reward you in kind.

Have you felt a little out of sorts with your social circle this spring? We wouldn't be surprised, since garrulous Venus has been retrograde since March 4. Minor disagreements and misunderstandings turned into larger squabbles, affecting your relationships and moods. The last two weeks could have seen a friendship or your relationship with a sibling grow tense. On Saturday, breathe a sigh of relief. The enchanted planet pivots back into direct motion. Communication smooths out and any bumps you experienced can now discussed calmly and rationally. Clear space in your busy schedule for simply having fun. The company of your crew will recharge you, Capricorn. Meet them at the dive bar or for a round of karaoke. Nothing fancy, just good, chill times.
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
January 20 to February 18

Guess who's putting the "lust" in wanderlust? Tuesday's full moon in romantic Libra lights up your jet-setting ninth house. Traveling over the next two weeks could bring the bonus of a love connection or a chance to just reclaim your independent spirit with a solo sojourn. Be prepared to buy that standby ticket and pack a bag last minute as the spirit of spontaneity sweeps in. Don't forget to focus on what’s happening right here, right now. What cross-cultural connections can you invest in close to homebase? One could turn into something more than a friendship, whether a romance or a partnership of sorts. If you’re pondering a brilliant scheme, this is prime time to get into launch mode. Follow any entrepreneurial urges or even explore going back to school, if only for a semester.

This weekend puts an end to any confidence crises you've had of late. On Saturday, charming Venus snaps out of a six week retrograde — a backspin that may have mucked up your sense of security or caused friction with a friend. No, you won't be reliving the lunchroom scene from Mean Girls, Aquarius, or getting further into a financial pinch. Start polishing up your LinkedIn profile and getting your name out there again! Whether you're looking for work or just meeting industry people for support, your magnetism is back in a big way. It's that shining personality of yours that opens doors to opportunity and prosperity now. Circulate!
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Illustrated by Alia Penner. Photographed by Jason Rodgers.
February 19 to March 20

It's transformation time, Pisces! Tuesday's Libra full moon simmers in your seductive and alchemical eighth house. Big changes lie ahead for you over the coming two weeks. And while they may be more internal than external, you're ready to let go of that defeatist attitude for good. Unleash your creativity! Your art or music could be "discovered" by an influential person. The eighth house also rules all things erotic, so be prepared for a minor attraction to go from "intrigued" to "holy f***" in the snap of a bra strap. Privacy please! It’s about to get hot in here — just the way you like it — but the action is best kept a secret for the time being. The last thing you need is the peanut gallery weighing in on your spring fling! In a relationship? This full moon could nudge your connection to a deeper level. What's next for the two of you? Bare your soul and let your desires be known.

And if your mojo's been in slow-mo, here's more good news. On Saturday, amorous Venus wakes up from a six week retrograde — one that's been extra-hard on you since she retreated into Pisces on April 2. Did your love life fall into a rut or hit a rough patch? Maybe an old flame came back into the picture with confusing mixed messages. And even if all was fine with your partner, your self-critical voice could have been hard to silence. Enough of that! With Venus powering through Pisces (and in an on-point way) until April 28, your radiance and romantic streak return! Recommit to taking excellent care of yourself, from eating healthy food to getting enough sleep to taking time to primp a little every day. True love begins from within!