This Makeup Artist Is Mixing Astrology With Stunning Beauty Looks

Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
Our dream horoscope would be one that's delivered to our phones and provides us with a makeup look for the day — along with positive news about our love lives and soaring careers, of course. Unfortunately, that app doesn't quite exist yet. In the meantime, makeup artist Setareh Hosseini is giving us the next best thing: a series of beauty looks that interpret each star sign in amazing detail.
Through graphic eyes, intense contour, and 3-D effects, the looks magically (and literally) capture the essence and characters of each stop on the astrological chart. Each post is captioned with astrological readings, which map out key beauty outliers that rule different signs, like “foreboding, yet hypnotic” eyes and skin that “glows like a sunset.” Ahead, find out how your sun sign is interpreted with mascara and liquid lipstick.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
Glitter lips aren’t just a trending favorite; they also seal this strong Capricorn look.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
Anarchy may be her speciality (as the caption says), but we’d argue that taking blue lipstick to this level is also an Aquarian coup.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
#Mermaidgoals accomplished, thanks to scale-like patterns and metallic brows for this water sign.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
The ram is known for its resilience and ability to rise to any challenge, so a fierce, strong look comes with the territory.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
Strong brows and bronzer make this Taurus a force to be reckoned with.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
The beauty of the Gemini is its duality — but it sure makes picking our favorite side tough.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
Between the description (“cosmic particles of moon dust line her veins”) and those perfect crimson lips, we're thinking we want to change our sign to Cancer, stat.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
The lion has a unique intensity that may seem intimidating, but look closer and you'll find that the proud feline is more cheerful and warmer-hearted than they (or their power brows) let on.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
The best shoulder-strobe award goes to this Virgo look, which takes "illuminated" to the next level.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
The peaceful air sign is balanced and sees the beauty in everything — much like the unexpected but complementary combination of brown and blue shadows.
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
Strong-willed and passionate, the scorpion is a born leader who isn't afraid to make even its most ardent feelings known. As for our feelings on that perfect segmented ponytail? Do you even have to ask?
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Photo: Via @starlit_makeup/Instagram.
The curious, extroverted Sagittarius is an adventurer at heart, with a free-spirited approach to life that's reflected in this interpretation of the archer sign. Also noteworthy: that strobe.
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