Mango Thinks Our Styling Approach Should Be Really Extra This Spring

Photo: Courtesy of Mango.
Refinery29's editors love pushing style boundaries; making daring, ahead-of-the-curve fashion choices is what we're always striving to do. We're perpetually on the hunt for the next trend that's a little unusual and very creative. But occasionally, even we can be surprised by (and even a bit confused about) new styling ideas we run across. A quick click through Mango's new arrivals section had us scratching our heads, wondering if we were prepared for the fast fashion retailer's unexpected approach to getting dressed.
Mango's always been a trusty spot for the latest trends, yes, but denim jackets tied into corsets and colorful crop tops over black turtlenecks? It's definitely a new take for the brand. And while it may take us a minute or two to warm up to its styling suggestions, it's a refreshing reminder that creativity is our favorite part about fashion. So, take a look through and let us know whether you'll be taking cues from Mango when devising your outfits this spring.
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Crop Top Over Turtleneck

Here's an extreme way to transitionally dress during these awkward in-between temps as winter segues into spring.

Mango Flare Crop Trousers, $49.99, available at Mango.
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Mini Skirt Over Shirtdress

We're very much into the idea of using this trick to upgrade our work wardrobe game.

Mango Draped Printed Skirt, $59.99, available at Mango.
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Doubling Up On Pants

One pair of pants isn't enough. Mango gives the cropped pant some extra dimension, literally, by adding a second pair of longer length pants underneath.

Mango Cotton Crop Trousers, $49.99, available at Mango.
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The Corset Jacket

Don't want to tie your jacket around your waist, '90s style? Mango suggests tying it into a makeshift corset instead. We might need a YouTube tutorial to figure out just how to achieve this look.

Mango Straight Crop Mix Jeans, $79.99, available at Mango.
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The Coverall Waist Cincher

We're used to letting our overall straps hang loose, but Mango takes that idea one step further. Tie the sleeves of your coveralls together for an instant waist belt.

Mango Asymmetric Poplin Blouse, $35.99, available at Mango.
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Double the Distressed Denim

This styling trick is, in fact, a single item: Mango's new jeans take a new approach to the skirt-over-pants idea by layering a denim skirt over a cropped flare.

Mango Gigi Straight Skirt Jean, $79.99, available at Mango.
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When One Layer Isn't Enough

Admittedly, we're really into this look. If you need to give your casual shirt dress a more dressed-up feel in a pinch, Mango shows us that all you need is a second layer. Instead of layering dresses, they've simply added a pleated skirt underneath.

Mango Cotton Shirt Dress, $59.99, available at Mango.
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The Sleeve Train, Round One

Nope, it's not a toilet paper roll on the loose. Under that sweatshirt is a shirtdress with an unraveled waist tie. We may recommend skipping out on this one unless you plan on getting into a tangle with a subway grate.

Mango Ruffled Cotton Sweatshirt, $45.99, available at Mango.
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The Sleeve Train, Round Two

Mango is really into the idea of letting the extra shirt-dress fabric fly free. Here, we have a double whammy: A shirtdress paired under a denim mini skirt, which is definitely a look we've yet to consider.

Mango Message Denim Skirt, $45.99, available at Mango.