These Are All The New Emoji We May Be Getting This Year

Earlier this month, Unicode, the group in charge of reviewing and approving all new emoji proposals, released a beta version, giving us a first look at new emoji. While this beta version won't be finalised until June 2017, when Unicode will release the emoji, the ones that were included have already gone through an extensive approvals process and made the cut. (An initial shortlist was released in November 2016.)
Among the 69 new characters that will be released, if all goes according to plan, there are some common themes. Winter activities have a large presence as do mythical creatures (fairies, wizards, and elves, oh my!). There are plenty of fresh faces, some new people and hand gestures, and some much needed food orders.
In short, these emoji are good — really good. If the timing is the same as last year, most iPhone users will probably need to wait until iOS 11.1 or 11.2 is released in the fall to get their hands on them. But for now, celebrate the fact that, at long last, there is a takeout box in the mix.
Ahead, a first peek at how the new emoji may look. (Note: For most specifically female emoji, there is also a male counterpart, although not all have been included here.)
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For use every single time you have a celeb sighting.
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Face with raised eyebrow

In other words, the Stephen Colbert emoji.
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Exploding head

Mind. Blown.
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Crazy face

Case of the crazy eyes.
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Face with symbols over mouth

Also known as the STFU face.
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Face vomiting

For when Saturday night got a little out of control.
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Shushing face

Quiet please.
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Face with hand over mouth

Oops I did it again.
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Face with monocle

For the extra stuffy person in your life.
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Bearded person

Men with facial hair, rejoice! You've got yourselves a representative.
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Older adult

Unicode's very PC way of referring to a grandparent.
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Raise your hand if you want recess again.
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For general adulting purposes?
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Well it's about damn time.
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Woman with headscarf

Another emoji that's been missing for far too long.
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Woman mage

Not quite Professor McGonagall, but we approve.
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Dumbledore? Where's your wand?
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Tinkerbell gets her moment in the spotlight at last.
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Man Fairy

This male fairy kind of looks like he's wearing board shorts.
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Woman vampire

If only this bloodsucker were around when Twilight was in its prime.
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Disney is really getting a big shout-out this round.
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Straight-up Halloween inspiration.
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Woman genie

Aladdin lovers, your wish is this emoji's command.
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Woman zombie

Two words: Walking Dead.
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Woman in steamy room

Basically, your excuse to book a spa day.
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Woman climbing

This woman doesn't need any beta — she's on a send-train.
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Woman in lotus position

Can we get an om yes?! This should have been on our keyboards years ago.
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Love-you gesture

The world really needs this one this year.
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Palms up together

Another way of expressing prayer.
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Back to anatomy class?
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Orange heart

There are already red, pink, black, purple, green, and blue hearts, so we might as well have an orange one, too.
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Layering up (in texts) just got easier.
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Enough, Unicode. Is it summer yet?
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To warm your feet on...Christmas morning?
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Billed cap

Take me out to the ball game.
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(To the tune of LMFAO's "Shots") Stripes, stripes, stripes!
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Honestly, this guy is just adorable.
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As is this little fella.
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Sauropod (i.e. brachiosaurus)

Time for another Jurassic Park sequel.
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Cue the tiny hands jokes.
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Anyone who sends me this will be deleted from my contacts.
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I'll take one coconut emoji and a ticket to Cabo, please.
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One emoji to please vegetarians.
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Cut of meat

And one for the carnivores, too.
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Twisted (and salted) to perfection.
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One very sad looking desk lunch.
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Bowl with spoon

Could be full of oatmeal, Lucky Charms, or chicken noodle soup — it's your call.
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Canned food

One tomato soup and grilled cheese, coming right up.
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Unicode's beta calls this a dumpling, but some versions make it look more like an empanada. Either way, yum!
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Fortune cookie

Yes, I want to know what that fortune will say, too.
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Takeout box

Please be full of General Tso's chicken.
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For those who feel pie is superior to cake, you finally have an emoji version of your sweet treat.
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Cup with straw

If this doesn't contain a Slurpee, I'm sending it back.
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Anyone for unagi?
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Flying saucer

Why wasn't this around when Arrival came out?
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For next winter's snow day adventures.
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Curling stone

Yes, curling is an Olympic sport and it may have an emoji to prove it.
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England is finally getting its own flag.
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As is Scotland...
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And Wales, with its epic red dragon.