The 8 Best Looks From Fashion Month, According To A 9-Year Old

Photography courtesy of jessie randall
Coming off a month seemingly swirling the planet, attending upwards of 100+ shows (I honestly lost count) in three different countries, a person could get pretty tired of paging through runway looks, and, well, clothes in general. That is, until you have an hour or so to spend with Clementine Li Murphy. Clem, as she likes to be called, is 9-years-old, lives in Brooklyn with her mom, dad, and two brothers, and is currently studying Native American history, geometry, and….fashion illustration. “I’m not the best in the class,” Clem assures me. “Everyone is really talented, but I think I’m pretty good.”
The class is taught by Yoon-Jong Chang, who, in addition to teaching Clem’s 4th grade fashion illustration class, also happens to be the Year 4 Fashion Thesis Educator at Parsons School of Design in New York. But Clementine has been stoking a passion for clothes, fashion, and designers she idolizes (“Raf Simons!” she swoons, is her favorite) since she was tiny. Her mom is Jessie Randall, co-founder and creative director of Loeffler Randall, and she can’t help but marvel at Clementine’s knack for design and seriously high-fashion. “Clementine is a terrific illustrator,” she tells me. “But she can also sew really well. She loved one of my Marni coats so much, she made her own mini version from remnant fabric from her sewing class….and it’s really good!!”
Clementine loves styling her own outfits and thinks that putting things together in weird ways is crucial. “Your style is, like, important to who you are,” she says. “And no two people have the same style. I like that!” Her big dream (at least for now) is to attend Fashion Week in Europe someday, sitting front row at Dior (“I like that it’s designed by a woman,” she tells me), Gucci, or Jacquemus, two of her other favorites. So, we asked her to illustrate her eight favorite looks from the recent shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, and tell us why she loved them so much.
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Illustration by clementine murphy
Calvin Klein

“I felt like his first look was really strong and between basic and not basic. It was a big part of the collection in that it started the whole idea of the modern cowboy thing,” she says. “Raf Simons is really good at transferring his own sense of style into different brands, I mean, it doesn't look like Dior. It looks like Calvin Klein. Right?” Yes, right, Clem!
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Illustration by clementine murphy

“Last season was all white, and this season was all navy. I thought it was cool that she [Maria Grazia Chiuri] flipped it,” Clem says. “I liked that the top of this look was very street style and the skirt part was very couture. I know she was inspired by Picasso's blue period, so maybe the jacket almost has a painter smock feeling....but it’s pretty. I think I’d like to wear this outfit, maybe.”
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Illustration by clementine murphy

“Oh, it was very, very modern with the hoods, and she was wearing leggings too. But then she had this huge structural coat over it, which gave her a really futuristic look that was really, really interesting! The tassels on the side of her head were cool because it added a little touch of Ooh! Ahh! You know???”
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Illustration by clementine murphy

“I love Gucci 100%! The way [Alessandro Michele] layers and mixes prints is really cool and sophisticated and it's very girls-with-an-edge. And it's VERY fun and it makes me happy,” she says. “It's also very ageless with so many details, and this look really shows all the details, like on the necklace, if you look up close, with all those pearls. I also liked the had fringe on it, which was really fun to draw.”
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Illustration by clementine murphy
Molly Goddard

“Umm, I always like a tutu because it's fun, and [Molly] did it in a chic way...and I loved the shoes…they reminded me of Dorothy's ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.”
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Illustration by clementine murphy

“It was very cool, this look! And this huge sculptural shirt had exaggerated sleeves and underneath were these slim pants with…what is that there?” she asks. “Ruching?” I say. “Yeah, ruching..she looks strong and confident and it completely changes what you look like which is like a fantasy power woman. And all the models were wearing all these sculptural hats, which I think were historical. I liked this collection, but not as much as the spring collection—that one was the BOMB.”
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Illustration by clementine murphy

“Prada was really girly with jewels, feathers, shiny fabric…you know, everything a girl would ever want to wear kind of threw up all over the runway. It's also really pretty in pink, with these feathers. I love Prada and this look was really fun to draw, too, because I could collage with the feathers. And I guess I just love pink.”
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Illustration by clementine murphy
Duro Olowu

“Here's another beret! That’s a trend, right? she says. “But this one is cheetah, so it stands out more. This look is different from a lot of the other looks I chose because it's simple, but at the same time up close you can see how interesting it is…I think that makes him a good designer. She looks like a lady computer scientist, like someone from Hidden Figures. Or a protester...a really chic protester!”