The One Thing Not To Do During The 4 Retrogrades

Not-so-fun fact of the day: Retrograde is more than just a song by James Blake that you turn on when you're going through a breakup. It's also more than just something that happens to Mercury. It turns out, all the planets go through this phenomenon, and each comes with its own set of possible Earthly consequences. That is, if you believe in that sort of thing.
Basically, retrograde happens "when a planet passes the Earth on its orbit and [creates] the illusion that it's going backwards," Ophira Edut, one half of R29's resident astrology team The AstroTwins, told us. "It's like when you pass a car on the freeway and you're both going forward. So even though it’s an illusion, everything ruled by that planet also goes backwards."
Once a year, Jupiter goes into retrograde (the planet that rules risk-taking, experimentation, and exploration) and, every 18 months, Venus (ruler of style and beauty) does too. Well, the planets have aligned and Venus and Jupiter are both in retrograde this spring, which means big, permanent changes to your look are not advised until after June 9th, when both return to normal. What's more, in less than a month Saturn and Mercury will also both be in retrograde. That's four retrogrades, people! That means you probably shouldn't get a pixie or extensions on a whim — and certainly don't go platinum unless you've really done your research. "This is the time period when mistakes tend to happen," she explains.
Makeup, however, is a great way to have a little fun in the interim. "It washes right off," Ophira reminds us. To get your creative juices flowing, we selected some of our favorite spring makeup trends and asked Ophira to assign them to the most fitting Zodiac sign.
Click ahead to check out the beauty looks Ophira says will enliven you during this not-so-great time period. Retrograde, schmetrograde.
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The AstroTwins Say: Jupiter is in your 7th house, so it's time to go with a softer, more romantic look than normal. You still want some edge, but stow away your oxblood lipstick and go for something more playful this spring.
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Photo: Alessandro Zeno/Imaxtree.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Aries: Color Wash

Good news: You might not be able to control the planets, but you can control the intensity of this runway trend. Go with a pearly eye shadow (like we saw at Delpozo) all the way to colorful splashes of pigment, like you see here at Blugirl. The key is to pick a shade that you love and feel confident in, then build the intensity slowly, making sure you buff any edges with a clean blending brush. Remember, the look is soft, not graphic.
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The AstroTwins Say: Jupiter is in your 6th house right now, which means that a natural, earthy glow is the look for you. Something that feels minimal, but fresh.
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Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Taurus: Barely-There Makeup

Consider the look we saw at Tommy Hilfiger lighter than no-makeup makeup — it was incredibly minimal, with a focus on well-hydrated skin, defined brows, and slightly-glossy lips. Don't forget a touch of blush so you look and feel awake.
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The AstroTwins Say: Gemini is in your 5th house of drama, so a flamboyant look is what you should be wearing now. Your inner nightlife creature is here and ready to go out and party. Allow yourself to go big and dramatic — you'll be glad you did.
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Photo: Lorenzo Palizzolo/Getty Images.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Gemini: Disco Glam

Iconic houses like Giorgio Armani (here) and Carolina Herrera send models down the runway in a full face of makeup. Partly a nod to disco glam, this shamelessly-sexy look will take a little getting used to, but once you nail it, you'll be unstoppable. Pile on the highlighter, build a smoky eye, and finish with either red lipstick or a heavy-handed swipe of gloss.
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The AstroTwins Say: Focus on creating looks that are feminine, soft, and flowy right now, because Jupiter is in your 4th house. This house of family and home puts you in your zone, as it is ruled by you. It's time to harness a fresh new palette...
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Photo: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/FilmMagic.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Cancer: Peachy Keen

Congratulations, Cancer, you got one of our favorite looks in the lot: all peach makeup. This is more than just a runway trend — it's having a huge moment in Hollywood and the blogosphere, too. And it couldn't be easier: Pull out all the peach colors in your kit and wear 'em together for a girly spring look. The models at Jeremy Scott even wore peach mascara, but you can stick to black.
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The AstroTwins Say: It's time to be your bold self, Leo, because Jupiter is in your 3rd house. Fun trends are appealing to you now, and experimentation should be celebrated. Colorful looks, like those that call upon blue and green, are great for you now — the brighter, the better.
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The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Leo: Bright Liner

Who says a bold lip gets to rake in all the attention? Keep the rest of your face bare and radiant — like the models did at Christian Siriano, here — and add a bright liner to either your top or bottom lash line. Focus your energy on a simple swipe of electric color, a bit of blush, and defined brows to keep it all balanced.
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The AstroTwins Say: Virgo has Jupiter in their 2nd house, so it's time to live your truth. You are polished and sophisticated, Virgo, and now is the time to embrace the less-is-more approach to your life — and look. A clean, bare face is great, but you also have permission to wear your favorite red lip right now. In fact, you should.
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Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Virgo: Bold Lips, Bare Face

For someone who loves perfection, you sure lucked out with this trend, Virgo. Keep your face clean and fresh — minimal face makeup, mascara, and brow products only — then pick your favorite red lipstick and go ham. Of course, precision is in order, so grab a cotton swab and a touch of concealer to make the liner super sharp. Tip: Add highlighter for a polished finish, like the models wore at Jason Wu.
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The AstroTwins Say: Libra can easily feel like they should be modest and soft, but Jupiter is in your sign right now, so now is the time to be bold. Your beauty look should make you stand out, and while it will require some additional work, this is a good thing, because it's also important for you to take more time for yourself this spring.
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The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Libra: Glitter

Sure, glitter lips stole the show during fashion month — but let's not overlook one of the raddest glitter looks we've seen, maybe ever. Models at Shiatzy Chen wore a thick stripe of silver glitter under their bottom lashlines that faded beautifully into the outer corners. Libra, we envy your spring trend pick.
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The AstroTwins Say: Be prepared, Scorpio, because Jupiter is in your 12th house of glamour and fantasy. Yes, it's time to stand out with an extravagant look, but it's not quite what you think, as this house also rules sleep. Your beauty look should be glamorous, but it's okay to look like you just rolled out of bed as well...
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Photo: Ivan Lattuada/Imaxtree.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Scorpio: The Slept-On Smoky Eye

There isn't a season that goes by that doesn't prominently feature the messy smoky eye — and for good reason. (Hello, it's sexy and cool.) Don't be intimidated, just start slow and layer a thick, creamy pencil under the bottom lashline and onto the lid, then buff with your fingers. Don't forget to add a bit of gold or bronze shadow to make the look feel purposeful. Bonus points if you pair yours with a rad bandana, like they did at Baja East.
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The AstroTwins Say: Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, so it's important that you follow your planet's movements right now. The 11th house is one of the future, of sci-fi, and of all things modern. That means it's time for some chrome, baby.
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Photo: Matteo Valle/Imaxtree.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Sagittarius: Metallic Lipstick

This is another trend that allows you to pick your intensity. Go full strength with a metallic liquid lipstick, like we saw at DKNY, or ease in with a gloss that amps up the chromatic factor. Either way, a swipe of blush goes a long way to provide balance, while a touch of highlighter just on your Cupid's bow makes a deep shade feel more glam than goth.
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The AstroTwins Say: Jupiter is in your 10th house, which means that you should focus on structure and restraint — and you will be rewarded. Less is more for you now, which means working with a limited palette — just one shade even — is ideal.
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Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Capricorn: Red Monochromatic Makeup

We get that this one looks intense, but it's not — really. Just pick shades you already own and love, like a rust shadow from your go-to smoky eye palette and a berry lip color, and pair them together. Again, how dark you go is up to you. That Bella Hadid stare, however, you'll have to ask the planets to help you with.
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The AstroTwins Say: There's no such thing as too much of a good thing for you, Aquarius — especially right now. Jupiter is in your 9th house of global influence, which fits your style completely. You're the unicorn of the zodiac — always willing to play with a new trend. Go for it; right now is the perfect time to be daring.
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Photo: Matteo Scarpellini/Imaxtree.
The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Aries: Unicorn Eyes

Makeup artists at Jill Stuart gave models' eyes a wash of two pastel shades — but instead of layering, they were placed right next to each other. The result is equal parts etherial and whimsical — and the AstroTwins wouldn't have picked it for you if it wasn't going to make you look and feel awesome. Okay fine, it's bold, so start with shades in the same family — lavender and eggplant or peach and berry — until you get your sea legs.
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The AstroTwins Say: With Jupiter in your 8th house of seduction, it's time to embrace the vamp factor. Go for glamour, be edgy – the sexier the look, the better. You tend to go soft, but now is the season to turn it up a notch, or 10.
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The AstroTwins' Trend Pick For Pisces: The Faded Cat-Eye

Soft, flattering, and chic is how we'd describe the flicks at Elie Saab. Luckily, this enviable look is easy to copy: Trace a cat-eye using an angled brush and a black powder eye shadow. Keep building until you have the right opacity, then simply sharpen the wings with a cotton swap (or small, stiff brush) dipped in makeup remover.
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