The Unexpected Spring Fragrances You Never Knew You Needed

Once winter fades away, it’s time to switch up your beauty routine. No longer will you need your hyaluronic acid-packed face creams or fuller-coverage foundations, so you can efficiently swap 'em all out for products of the lighter variety. But the one trade-off you can't forget: your fragrance. Whether you’re someone who owns 10 different bottles for every season or you stick to one body spray year-round, it’s safe to say spring requires something a bit fresher. (Because, let's be honest, you don't exactly want to smell like leather and cinnamon when you're at a picnic in the park.)
That means you're most likely reaching for the latest citrus concoctions, lighter florals, or whatever else lends itself a straight-off-the-beach vibe. Turns out, there is something else we should be looking for — and it comes in the form of Clean's latest fragrance launches. The Clean Eau Fraiche collection features six lightweight fragrances picked to meet our spring aroma needs. While some depict predictable notes we’d be reaching for — like Warm Cotton & Mandarin, Fresh Laundry & Lavender, and Cool Cotton & Grapefruit — there are three others among the line that are a little less expected. Scents of skin? Rain? Air? What does that mean?
Click ahead to check out some of these out-of-the-box scents, then be sure to tell us in the comments what you think.
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If you live in a metropolitan area, fresh air is most likely a scent you crave. But how does one even begin to bottle the essence of air? Somehow, Clean made it happen. And while we do love smelling like coconuts by the time summer rolls around, we never quite imagined the two together. Despite its name, the actual scent is just as refreshing as you’d hope: It's a blend of Italian bergamot, lemon, freesia flower, rose, and clean air musk — whatever that means.

Clean Eau Fraiche Air & Coconut Water, $48, available in March 2017 at Clean Perfume.
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We've all experienced the distinct, musky smell of someone else's skin. I still distinctly remember the scent of my partner's from two years ago, and on his best days, it was good enough to bottle up. (Though, on his worst days, I wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole.) We’re going to safely assume this Skin & Vanilla fragrance is everyone on their best, just-showered days — it marries creamy musk, amber, Madagascar vanilla, and chocolate with crisp mandarin and red apple.

Even cooler: The top note, hedione, is a combo of jasmine and magnolia that originates from the Greek word "pleasure," so you know the scent is sultry.

Clean Eau Fraiche Skin & Vanilla, $48, available in March 2017 at Clean Perfume.
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We'll admit, the smell of rain does exist. There’s nothing quite like the lingering scent before a summer thunderstorm hits, and now, we can wear it. Now, for the unexpected part: The earthy, musky aroma of Mother Nature's tears are paired with pears and guava, making it citrusy and sweet at the same time. Other notes include chocolate, melon, coconut, creamy musk, violet leaves, and more.

Clean Eau Fraiche Rain & Pear, $48, available in March 2017 at Clean Perfume.
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