Underrated TV Shows You Should Binge Right Now

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In a world where so much good television exists, it's a little disappointing that we tend to watch, well, a lot of the same stuff. Anyone with a Netflix subscription will wax poetic about the merits of Stranger Things, or the sickly addictive quality of Law & Order: SVU, but these series are hardly the only ones worth spending hours of your life on. In an effort to watch the show du jour, are we ignoring the hidden gems that don't make the cover of Entertainment Weekly? It's quite possible — and it doesn't have to be that way! There are so many series out there that don't get the level of love that they deserve. From quirky comedies to bizarre horror anthologies, there's a lot to explore, both via streaming platform and traditional TV. If you're looking for a show to watch during a rainy day, don't settle for whatever's hot on Hulu. Instead, check out some of these underrated series that will keep you hooked. Who knows? Maybe you'll become a TV tastemaker.
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If You Love Binging Friends, Binge Happy Endings

It was a glorious day when Friends hit Netflix, but let's be honest: how many times have you see "The One With The Holiday Armadillo" by now? If you still want to be wrapped in the warmth of ridiculously well-drawn BFFs, check out Happy Endings instead. As with Friends, the snarky single-cam show also starts with a wedding gone awry, and evolves into something far zanier than you'd expect from the simple "bunch of friends hangin' out" premise. Good luck keeping up with the show's lightning-speed pop culture references.

How To Watch: All the episodes are available on Hulu.
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If You Love Binging Law & Order, Binge Drop Dead Diva

If you love procedurals and romantic comedies, this is the ideal show for you. (And, I promise: unlike Law & Order, it won't keep you up at night.) The Lifetime show has the DNA of Legally Blonde, with a wacky premise that surprisingly works. When model Deb dies and inadvertently returns to Earth as Jane (Brooke Elliot), a super smart, but not-so-stylish lawyer, Deb must mix her Elle Woods-esque sensibilities with Jane's sensible nature in order to crack cases.

For those a tad concerned with the potential fat-shaming of putting a skinny model into a larger woman's body, the show does have a few hiccups in its earlier seasons — especially its pilot episode. However, as the show goes on, Jane's bigger body a non-issue for the character. Jane is a sexy, fun, and brilliant woman who's not here for fat-shaming.

How To Watch: The entire series is available on Netflix.
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If You Love Pretty Little Liars, Binge Scream

MTV's television adaptation of the self-referential horror franchise is not all that much like the original movie, but it is pretty similar to Pretty Little Liars. Both feature villains in need of unmasking, a squad of survivors, and oodles of twists you won't see coming. Scream is definitely a bloodier offering than PLL, but if you saw season 7's decapitation scene and didn't squirm too much, you'll be totally fine. Thanks to the benefits of binging, you won't have to sit with your anticipation: you can find out who the Lakewood murderer is in mere hours.

How To Watch: The entire series (which includes two seasons and a Halloween special) is available on Netflix.
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If You Love Louie, Binge Baskets

Yes, Baskets is about a failed clown, but the Louie C.K. co-created series is also a darkly comedic study of family dynamics and the strange ways people cope with the world around them. It's not always funny, but when it is, it's bring-you-to-tears funny.

Where To Watch: You can watch season 1 of Baskets over on Hulu. Season 2 is currently available on FX Now.
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If You Love American Horror Story, Binge Channel Zero

SyFy's new anthology series — each season is based on creepypastas — is delightfully creepy, and proof that you don't need a big budget production to deliver quality scares. The first season, subtitled Candle Cove, is about a man seeking answers about a cartoon he watched as a child — a cartoon that may be connected to the murders of several of his classmates. The six-episode first season doesn't wait for its finale to provide major revelations — instead, every episode comes packed with a shocking moments that completely warp your idea of what you're watching.

Where To Watch: Every episode of season 1 is currently available on SyFy.
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If You Love The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Binge The Good Place

I adore Kristen Bell, but even I didn't expect to feel as passionately about her new NBC sitcom as I do. The new series, about a newly-deceased woman named Eleanor (Bell) who accidentally gets plopped in the heaven-like "Good Place" despite being a heinous person on Earth, is a rare serialized comedy that asks surprisingly poignant questions. Can you really be a "good person" if you're only behaving properly in order to avoid hell? Without spoiling too much, I will say this: you'll never believe where the first season ends.

Where To Watch: Stream the 12-episode first season over on Hulu.
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If You Love Veronica Mars, Binge Sweet/Vicious

MTV's underrated dramedy is about two college students who become a crime-fighting team hellbent on taking down campus rapists. For all its silliness, it's also unflinching in how it tackles on-campus sexual assault, both from a legal perspective (how universities protect themselves and not rape survivors) and a personal one (vigilante Jules suffers from symptoms of PTSD after being raped by a friend prior to the events of the show.) It's smart, funny, sweet, and, yeah, a little vicious, especially when it comes to calling out the a problem so many people want to sweep under the rug.

Where To Watch: All episodes of season 1 are available on MTV.
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If You Love Girls, Binge Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Girls is coming to an end, and if you've already watched every episode on HBO Go, maybe it's time to try a different protagonist with a series of unstable relationships out for size. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend pushed the envelope in season 2 with darker themes, weirder musical numbers, and a jaw-dropping ending that will leave you reeling. Season 3 is on its way, so now is the time to get acquainted with Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom).

Where To Watch: Netflix has both season 1 and 2 currently streaming.
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If You Love Making A Murderer, Binge The Staircase

If you couldn't get enough of Steven Avery's twisted case, you may want to dive into this doc series. The 2004 French miniseries documents the trial of Michael Peterson, who has been accused of killing his wife. As the evidence mounts, the series presents two different versions of Peterson. Did he truly murder his spouse, or was her death a terrible accident and he a grieving widower?

Where To Watch: You can watch the entire series for free with a Sundance Now subscription, or watch on Amazon for $1.99 per episode.
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If You Love All Things Doc, Binge Documentary Now!

Maybe your perfect Saturday is spending hours watching the latest doc offerings you can find on Netflix. If that's the case, I suggest the hilarious parody that is Documentary Now! as a palate cleanser. Fred Armisen and Bill Hader star in this faux-doc series in which they star as everything from members of Chicago-raised beach band The Blue Jean Committee to rogue journalists of uber-hip news organization "DRONEZ."

Where To Watch: Check out the series over on Netflix.
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If You Love Skins, Binge 13 Reasons Why

Plenty of American fans fell in love with this British teen drama when it hit Netflix and appreciated it for its raw authenticity. Netflix's brand-new series 13 Reasons Why isn't quite as "salacious-for-salacious-sake" as Skins could often be, but both series tackle very real teen issues in an unflinching, unapologetic way.

Where To Watch: 13 Reasons Why is available for streaming on Netflix.
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If You Love Downton Abbey, Binge Call The Midwife

Already binged through Downton Abbey? If period dramas are your thing, check out this underrated BBC One gem. Set in London during the '50s and '60s, the series follows a group of nuns and midwives as they deal with nursing duties in one of the poorest sections of the city. Though the series takes place over 50 years ago, you may find that its themes — particularly when it comes to the politicizing of women's healthcare — are as relevant today as ever.

Where To Watch: The first five seasons of the series are available for streaming on Netflix.