What Republican Women Really Think About Trump

It was bitterly cold in Cleveland on Saturday, but that didn't stop more than 150 Donald Trump supporters from attending the Spirit of America rally in the shadows of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Several women in the front row even wore homemade T-shirts that read “Trump Love” to make their affections clear for all to see.
A tougher stance on immigration, bringing back manufacturing jobs, support for the armed forces and police, and an pro-life platform were a few of the issues supporters cited at the rally, declaring they believe Trump is doing exactly what they hoped he would do as president. The women in the crowd — and there were many — said they didn’t feel connected to the Women’s Marches that took place around the world on the day after the inauguration. But they do relate to the women represented in the White House — particularly in Ivanka Trump, who some believe may become the next President Trump.
Meanwhile, across the goose-poop covered lawn and separated by a line of mounted police, stood a large group of protestors, there to make it clear they aren’t fans of the country’s 45th president.
Refinery29 was there as well, and caught up with women on both sides of the police barricade to hear what they really think of Trump.
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Photography by Ricky Rhodes.

“I like that [President Trump] represents the values that I’ve grown up with, that you need to work hard for what you have, and you don’t just get things handed to you. I mean, granted yes, I was a spoiled brat for most of my life. But my parents instilled a work ethic in me that I still have today, and I worked very hard for everything that I have. I think that that’s a core value that needs to be reinstalled into our country, and I think that [Trump] does that.”
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Sandra McPherson

“Immigrants are coming over here, getting thousands of dollars to do nothing, and I’ve worked all my life since I was 15-years-old. I can’t do my work anymore, and it’s just not fair to the ones who’ve worked their whole lives."
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Photography by Ricky Rhodes.
Donald Trump supporter wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap.
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Nurses for Trump.
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Photography by Ricky Rhodes.
Women wore homemade "Trump Love" shirts to show their support.
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"Amy" Daley (‘Amy’ Daley is a pen name that Daley uses when she writes letters to the editor, because her Finnish first name is too difficult for most Americans to pronouce.)

“When my family and I came from Finland in 1953, we had to wait three-and-a-half years before we were allowed to come here. Everything had to be vetted. Economically, we had to not be a ward of the state, we had to have somebody who sponsored us…We had to be healthy before we came here. I think it would be fair for everybody to have to do the same thing because it only helps America and Americans.

“[Donald Trump's tweets are] short, to the point, and they’re accurate. I love his way of getting around the media. He needs to do that because the media leaves out important things; they try to make people think certain things that are not true.

“He loves women — he married three of them! [Laughs.] His daughter is helping him with the business, he’s not sexist. Good grief. And if these women want the government to pay for their contraceptive that is wrong. I’d say abstain from having sex if you can’t afford contraceptives.”
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Tammy Barr sings the National Anthem.
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Trump supporters carried banners, pom-poms, and homemade signs.
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A Trump supporter's sign.
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Trump supporters smile despite the frigid temps.
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Anti-Trump protestors showed up to voice their opposing opinions.
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Molly Stachnik, 21, Anti-Trump Protestor

“It’s just sad because [Donald Trump’s] shown time and time again that he’s not for women. He’s not for women’s rights through what he’s said and what he’s done. Women who support him don’t realize what he’s really for, and it’s very sad and confusing. It’s cognitive dissonance is what it is. They’re blatantly ignoring facts and everything that he's said.”
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Veronica Pfluger, 17, Anti-Trump Protestor

“Donald Trump is sexist, he’s racist, he’s homophobic, he’s transphobic, xenophobic, the list goes on. [I came to the rally] in solidarity with my other comrades, especially with my other women and people of color as well.

“I’m constantly afraid for myself being a pansexual woman, and also my friends who are part of marginalized groups. I shouldn’t have to live like that."
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Photography by Ricky Rhodes.
Megan Kaur, 18, Anti-Trump Protestor

“[The immigration ban is] just not something that I can support as I believe all humans are equal.

“I believe that people who do not view [Trump] as a misogynist are protected by other privileges they have, most likely white privilege. I, as a brown Punjabi woman, am not protected as such, and his rhetoric harms me and members of my community.”
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Another anti-Trump protestor showing support for #BlackLivesMatter.
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Brittany Lewkowski, 22, Anti-Trump Protestor

“Everything about [the Trump administration] is pretty much amoral, and the only people who are still really fighting for that side are all old white people who don’t have to worry about their future because they won’t be here long enough to find out what happens if they try to abolish the EPA."
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Tammy Barr

“You have the right to do whatever you want, but some of that stuff is out of control. [The Women's Marches are] not good for our children to see, and children shouldn’t have been brought to that. We’re classy, they’re not."
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Janice Tichenor, 47, and daughter Sheila, 12

“I have my own mouth. The [organizers of the Women's March] try to portray that all women are the way they are, and I speak for myself. Nobody speaks for me.

“The day that I found out [Donald Trump] was running, I told everybody he was going to win. Everybody laughed at me.

“He’s for all people. He’s just trying to make America better for everybody and not just certain people like Obama did.

“People need to get over it. He is our president, he is their president. It’s 2017, it’s time to grow up. Move out of mommy’s basement, stop going around trying to start trouble. Get real.”
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Photography by Ricky Rhodes.
Patty Gascoyne

“I like that Donald Trump’s very direct when he speaks. Even when he stumbles over his own words, usually his ideas are conveyed pretty clearly in plain everyday English without the political-correct cautiousness, which is something that I think most people find refreshing. I know I do. Even though he comes across as a little Archie Bunker that’s okay because you can tell he’s speaking from the heart, which is something we haven't seen in a president in a while.”
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Photography by Ricky Rhodes.
A Trump supporter yells at protestors.
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Trump protestor with American flag.
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Patty Culp

"[Donald Trump is] the last chance this country has to pull itself out of the gutter.

“He’s just doing everything he said he would do despite all the contradictions and all the lies that are being thrown at him. He’s not only gotta do what he promised, he’s gotta fight off all these little snowflakes out there saying things that aren’t true about him.”

"[Ivanka Trump] just seems to be very attentive and very aware of what’s going on in the country. I think we’ll have another Trump president.”