Octavia Spencer Is Every Woman On Saturday Night Live

Photo: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC.
Oscar Octavia Spencer took the stage in studio 8H to host Saturday Night Live and didn't play a nurse even once. Each host makes the show their own and Spencer's taste in sketches meant more female- and Black-centric sketches than the average show.
There were also current events, although they were largely contained to the Jeff Sessions cold open (seriously, is there anyone Kate McKinnon can't play?) and Weekend Update. The biggest burn of the night came in the form of a Republican movie trailer, while that Weekend Update bit on the Trump brothers was in pretty poor taste. There's not a line between mocking a political party and insinuating someone is disabled: there's a damn Grand Canyon.
Hands down, the realest sketch was Girl At A Bar in which Cecily Strong waits for her friend at a bar while a series of guys hit on by waving their feminist ideals in her face and then calling her a bitch when she won't have sex with them. Truly, she is most of us trying to date in the age where our president wants to grab 'em by the pussy.
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Does it seem like people are screaming bitch at your more and more often? Do you go on first dates with guys who just look at you and say, "Wow, we have very different opinions on...everything." Do guys who like Trump match with you on Tinder and then yell at you about how stupid you were to vote for Hillary? This sketch convinced me it can't be just me so stand up in the comments if you're out here feeling it too.
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Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump, meet Octavia Spencer from The Help. Enjoy that chocolate pie, it goes well with recusal.
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I actually snort laughed while watching this one. If you're wondering why our Republican hero will likely be a man, according to SNL, it's because most members of Congress who are Republican are men. There are exactly four women Republicans among the current elected representitives. They're just playing the odds. Seriously tho, if one of the Repbulican women would like to step up and take on Trump we're ready for you.
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Since Trump's unverified wiretapping allegations hit the internet the morning this show aired, they were probably busy all day writing it into Weekend Update. It worked.
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Ever wonder where Big Pharma get the names for their drugs? This sketch answered the question.
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Don't ever count out Jode. If you do, you're just jelly.
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It wasn't just the sketches that got political. Musical guest Father John Misty (you may have heard him before, he co-wrote with Beyoncé on "Hold Up") played tracks from his new album that were quite the scorching commentary on our current society.
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Judge for yourself but this Eric and Donald Trump Jr. sketch really did not need to happen.
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Something about the absurdity of the Youngblood sketch got me. Thumbs up to its weirdness, which has Kenan Thompson written all over it.